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iphone x dark theme concept

Designer Envisions System-Wide Dark Mode for iPhone X

So far Apple has shown its tendency towards a light theme for all the iOS version the company has released to date. This choice of the theme made sense for Apple considering the fact that the company remained dependent on LCD display until the launch of iPhone X with an OLED display.

iphone 8 concept

New iPhone 8 Renders Depict the Function Area

After a relatively small break, we are once again looking at yet another set of concept renders related to iPhone 8. However, this specific set of renders has a unique focal point. Rather than presenting how the overall experience of an iPhone 8 might look like, this latest set of iPhone 8 renders focuses on […]

iphone 8 concept

Designer Visualizes iPhone 8 with Steel Chassis and Glass Back

Since this year is all about iPhone 8 and the rumors mill is already in its full swing, designers have also started to come up with their own imagined design and look of this upcoming iPhone model. In a latest iPhone 8 concept, the designer visualizes the upcoming iPhone 8 sporting a combination of steel […]

iphone 7 concept widescreen

Crazy new iPhone 7 concept visualizes a flexible widescreen display [Video]

With iPhone 7 just more than 6 months away from its official launch, the concept bandwagon is rolling along just fine. Creating concept designs for unreleased products is not new, but there are some products for which many designers attempts to visualize its upcoming revisions. iPhone is one such device and we have seen an […]

iphone 7 Concepts

New iPhone 7 concept shows an incredibly cool design

We often see some awesome pieces of conceptual designs for the future iPhone devices and most of them are impractical but still fanciful. This latest iPhone 7 concept is as unlikely as any other impractical future iPhone concepts, but the designer has made the concept an incredibly cool one by adding a 5-inch secondary display […]

ios 9

iOS 9 concept shows improved iCloud, Spotlight and more

While iOS 8 brought major new apps and features to Apple’s mobile operating system, in the next generation iOS 9 software update Apple is expected to focus on optimization and improvements rather than introducing new features. A new iOS 9 concept imagines how the iCloud, Spotlight, Reachability and other features can be re-imagined.

ios 9

iOS 9 concept showcases tons of useful new features [video]

Apple is widely expected to announce its next major software version – iOS 9 for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch at WWDC 2015 in June. With the release of iOS 8, Apple opened door for the 3rd party developers to release their iOS keyboard and widgets into the app store, but we still want more. Ralph […]

ipod cover

Smart Flip Cover turns iPhone 6 into an iPod Classic [Concept]

While the iPod Classic is not more into production, its legacy still lives on, and still have a huge pool of fans for its form factor and the click wheel. If you’re a fans on iPod Class form factor, you’ll be pleased to see Claudio Gomboli’s smart cover that essentially turns your iPhone 6 or […]

iPhone 7 concepts imagine full screen display and bezel free design

After a couple of months of the launch of iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6 with an all new design, larger size, curved edges, and much more, popular designer Martin Hajek has come up with a concepts of iPhone 7 depicting how Apple could evolve the design of iPhone 6 into the next generation iPhone.

iPhone 6 Pro – Concept Imagines the Device with Exciting Features

Despite the fact that the leaks about iPhone 6 are becoming a steady stream, still it’s fun to imagine what an iPhone 6 should look like. Folks over at ConceptsiPhone has posted a video on YouTube showing off a gorgeous iPhone 6 concept, taking some looks of the Huawei Ascend P6, fantasizing it to be […]