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iOS 11 Concept for iPad Demos System-Wide Drag & Drop, Shelf, Finder, and More

IF everything goes as planned or Apple does not go against its past history, the company is all set to unveil its major iOS update; the iOS 11 next month during the WWDC 2017. Since iOS 11 is going to be Apple’s next major mobile operating system update, a plethora of new features and UI changes are expected. But, like many years in the past, most of these new features and enhancements will be focused towards the iPhone and probably the iPad won;t get much attention.


Since the iOS 9 in which the company added some great new features for the iPad making it a truly portable device, Apple has not really paid much attention to its tablet lineup in terms of software features. This is why Apple’s iPad and iPad Pro line failed to take full advantage of their larger screen and additional computing resources.

Federico Viticci of the MacStories has come up with his own wishlist of features in iOS 11 for the iPad. He has also posted a concept video of his iOS 11 wishlist for the iPad. He has created this whole video to demonstrate how a task such as “Plan a holiday in Barcelona” can be easily achieved on iPad using his envisioned iOS 11 features.

The concept video demos Viticci’s envisioned iSO 11 features called system-wide drag ‘n’ drop, shelf, Finder, multiple audio streams, and other to achieve “Plan a holiday in Barcelona” task.

While Viticci’s vision of new iOS 11 is not necessarily the one that Apple might end up introducing in its mobile operating system, these features, however, have become a necessity for the iPad if the company wants it to transform into a true computing device instead of a content consuming one.

The envisioned system-wide drag ‘n’ drop feature in combo with Split View would make is very easy to share content between the running apps. While the features such as Slide Over and Split View are pretty neat, but their poor implementation makes them a chore to use sometimes.

The other two features called Shelf and Quick Look API will make it lot easier to save content to reference later. In combination with the Quick Look API, the Shelf could quickly emails, map links, and more. Viticii also conceptualizes Finder on the iPad. While it necessarily does not have to be similar to the Finder of macOS, Apple should provide a way in iOS 11 to manage the files on the iPad.

while it is highly unlikely that Apple will follow Vittici’s lead, but the fruit company should pay some serious attention to the tablet lineup as well and add similar features envisioned in this video to the future iOS updates so the iPad may become the primary computing device for the tablet users out there.

Via [MacStories]

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