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New iPhone 7 concept shows an incredibly cool design

We often see some awesome pieces of conceptual designs for the future iPhone devices and most of them are impractical but still fanciful. This latest iPhone 7 concept is as unlikely as any other impractical future iPhone concepts, but the designer has made the concept an incredibly cool one by adding a 5-inch secondary display on the back, water-resistance to a design that is just 3mm thick with an edge-to-edge main display.

iPhone 7 concept
The designer has conceptualised and incorporated all possible features that one can desire in an iPhone. Some of the prominent features shown in the concept include a 5-inch display with no bezel (edge-to-edge) that takes up all the real-estate of the front-side of the device, a secondary display that covers the back side of the conceptualised device, an all-new stereo audio system, wireless charging, and water resistance. All of this is packed inside a body made of liquid metal.

Herman Haidin is the designer who articulated this piece, who thinks that there won’t be any need for the ports and buttons in future iPhone devices, that’s why you won’t find any port or button in the photos of the concept. He believes that the wireless charging, Bluetooth, and WiFi connectivity will be all needed in the future.

It’s highly unlikely of Apple to add all the features conceptualized in this design into a real future iPhone. Nevertheless, the design is one of the coolest concepts that we have seen for a future iPhone to date.

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