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WhiteLine HD: A Minimal Winterboard Theme for iPhone

WhiteLine HD is a gorgeous new Winterboard theme available in Cydia that overhauls the clunky look and feel of stock iOS. This Winterboard theme is lightweight, minimalist and looks great. WhiteLine HD iPhone theme is designed by Xavier32.

Metroon: Windows 8 Theme for iPhone

Metroon is the first Windows 8 Metro UI styled theme for iPhone that has made its way into the Cydia store. Metroon is a Dreamboard based iPhone theme that will cost you $1.50 in Cydia.

iOS 86 Theme for iPhone, iPod Touch

A couple of weeks ago, a russian designer named designer Anton Repponen had shared a beautiful retro concept iOS 86 theme for iPhone conceptualizing what an iPhone iOS would look like if released back in 1986.

DreamBoard: Theme your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch [Download]

DreamBoard is a jailbreak app that competes Winterboard and lets you customize your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch by applying various themes. Just like Winterboard, Dreamboard lets you applying different themes, but in advanced way, and reinvents the way your home screens look. You can download DreamBoard from below…

OS7 Theme – Windows Phone 7 Theme for iPhone, iPod Touch

wyndwarrior, a jailbreak iPhone theme creator has brought OS7 theme, a Windows Phone 7 Theme for iPhone and iPod Touch. OS7 theme is decent Windows Phone 7 experience on iPhone and iPod Touch featuring the Windows Phone 7 live tiles and displaying applications.

Labeled: Winterboard Theme for iPhone

Labeled theme is a completely original and unique design by Xemnes. While the Labeled Winterboard theme for iPhone is not that flashy, but sure a unique icon design. Icons and badges appears as a label sticking out of the background. While the Labeled iPhone theme is not a entirely complete, but worth giving a shot.

A i r o: Winterboard Theme for iPhone

A i r o is a nice small icons Winterboard theme for iPhone. A i r o Winterboard theme contains 61 icons including alternate icons, dock, wallpaper, lockscreen wallpaper, lockscreen battery, badges and lil. UI makup. Overall, A i r o iPhone theme gives a clean and subtle look. A i r o Winterboard theme […]

Winterboard Theme for iPhone: Cake

With its stylish looks and unique form factor, the free springboard theme “Cake” by Ocean Observations will propel your iPhone into high fashion. The theme sports both white and black icons and a complete set of recessed variants that fits perfectly in the dock. Along the bottom of each button there is a stylish LED […]

Glasklart: Winterboard Theme for iPhone

Glasklart is a transparent WinterBoard theme for iPhone that let’s you really showcase your wallpaper. Glasklart is swedish, it means “glass-clear”. Glasklart Winterboard theme includes 5100+ icons, custom badges, lock screen skin, popup dialogs, SMS bubbles, calculator skin, dialer skin, call skin, and a lot of separate options for additional customization. Best combined with the […]

Winterboard Theme for iPhone: oGn v3

oGn is a very colorful iPhone theme enabled via Winterboard. oGn theme for Winterboard includes: 875 icons Dock Lock Background Status Bar Badges Wallpaper Little UI tweaks SMS bubbles

Winterboard Theme for iPhone: iElemental

iElemental is an attempt to create a complete, minimalistic theme for iPhone that depends on Winterboard developed by Nickhesson. iElemental Winterboard theme includes: Full UI theme UI Sounds Large icon pack Wallpaper

Winterboard Theme for iPhone: Matte Nano

Matte Nano is a decent matte finished iPhone theme enabled via Winterboard.  This WinterBoard Theme contains: 2,295 icons (including duplicate icons) a wallpaper dock badges status bar

Winterboard Keyboard Theme – iAccess MacBook Air

iAccess MacBook Air is a nice MacBook Air inspired keyboard theme for iPhone enabled via Winterboard. In order to get this MacBook Air keyboard theme in your iPhone you need to install Winterboard and iAccess 0S3 from Cydia. Then set toggles in iAccess 0S3 and finally enabling keyboard theme from the Winterboard. Detailed instructions after […]