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iOS 9 concept shows improved iCloud, Spotlight and more

While iOS 8 brought major new apps and features to Apple’s mobile operating system, in the next generation iOS 9 software update Apple is expected to focus on optimization and improvements rather than introducing new features. A new iOS 9 concept imagines how the iCloud, Spotlight, Reachability and other features can be re-imagined.

The video has been compiled by Ralph Theodory and demonstrates a whole host of very welcome changes to iOS features that may drastically improve iOS experience. The concept creator’s goal is to “create new ways to communicate and new methods to make life easier.”


iCloud improvements demonstrated in the video includes the option to show all the devices connected to an iCloud ID, what software version those devices are running, how much free space is left is each connected device, device location and the battery level of each device under one iCloud ID. The imagined iCloud feature also notifies users of a device that is running out of power and also pushes a notification to the Apple Watch.

The video demonstrates Spotlight with Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram search, making it more useful. Actions has also been shown in the Spotlight which help users to type things like “remind me to buy more milk” when Siri commands are not working for them.

The iOS 9 concept also shows the ability to edit your recent contacts, at the top of the screen, in the multitasking view. You can swap those contacts with “Favorites”.

The concept also suggests to use Reachability on iPhone as a Split-screen feature as well. The video imagines how a user can add multiple apps in split-screen when they are in Reachability mode. Watch the video below to see all the re-imagined iOS 9 features.

Share your thoughts on this new iOS 9 concept. Would you like to see any of the demonstrated features in Apple’s iOS 9 software update?


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