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How to download and Install iOS beta – iOS 12.1.2 Beta

Apple has started pushing beta versions of an upcoming update soon after releasing a stable iOS version. This time it’s iOS 12.1.2 beta. Apple has released iOS 12.1.2 beta software update that the company will make available for download in the coming future. In this tutorial, we are going to show you how to download and install iOS 12.1.2 beta on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch device.

install ios 12.1.1 developer or public beta

Apple releases beta iOS version for both the developers and public beta testers. The purpose of this approach is to test an upcoming iOS update and quench bugs and issues before pushing it to the masses. Another objective is to give developers a chance to get make their app ready for the upcoming software update. In this guide, I am going to cover methods of downloading and installing an iOS beta for both types of users.

Apple is all set to push next set of features and performance improvements in iOS 12.1.2. Currently, iOS 12.1.2 beta is available to both developers and the public beta testers. Follow the steps mentioned below to either install iOS 12.1.2 beta or iOS 12.1.2 public beta on your iOS device.

This guide covers the downloading and installation of iOS beta versions only. If you want to install a final publicly released version of iOS please follow this link:

How to install iOS Software Update

iOS 12.1.2 Compatible Devices

First of all, you must have an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch which is compatible to run iOS 12.1.2. Here is the list of iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch models that support iOS 12.1.2 software update.

iOS 12 iPhone CompatibilityiOS 12 Supported iPadsiOS 12 iPod Compatibility
iPhone XS12.9-inch iPad Pro 2nd GeniPod touch 6g
iPhone XS Max12.9-inch iPad Pro 1st Gen
iPhone XR10.5-inch iPad Pro
iPhone X9.7-inch iPad Pro
iPhone 8 Plus9.6-inch iPad
iPhone 8iPad Air 2
iPhone 7 PlusiPad Air
iPhone 7iPad 5
iPhone 6s PlusiPad mini 4
iPhone 6iPad mini 3
iPhone 6 PlusiPad mini 2
iPhone 6
iPhone SE
iPhone 5s

How to Create Archived Backup of your iPhone or iPad

Before jumping on to install iOS 12.1.2 beta, it’s highly recommended to create a backup of your iPhone or iPad first. When you’re going to install a new iOS version, especially a beta release, you’re at risk of encountering unexpected problems. And with your data on the device, it’s always a good idea to keep the latest backup of it. Better safe than sorry!

Here I am going to show you how to create an archived backup of your device. An archived backup will not get overwritten by an iOS 12.1.2 beta backup. This archived backup proves helpful should you want to downgrade iOS back to a stable version for any reason

  1. Connect your iPhone, iPad, or the iPod Touch to your computer via USB cable.
  2. Launch the latest version of iTunes.
  3. Click on the device icon that should appear in the menu bar of iTunes.
    create archived backup for iOS device
  4. Under the Summary section, select This Computer radio button.
    Optional: check mark Encrypt backup if you want to protect your iPhone or iPad backup with a password.
  5. Click the Back Up Now button.
    create archived backup for iphone
  6. You can also choose to Back Up Apps when the iTunes asks you.
  7. Press the Command key on your keyboard to open iTunes Preferences. Alternatively, click on iTunes in the top bar and select Preferences. (On Windows, click on Options menu and select Preferences.)
    archive iphone backup
  8. Go to Devices tab.
  9. Control+click (right-click) on your recent backup and click on Archive.
    archive ipad backup

Now that you’ve created an archived backup of your iOS device, it’s time to follow the instructions on how to install the developer beta or the public beta of iOS 12.1.2. But before proceeding, please keep in mind that venturing into the beta world is not going to be a smooth-sailing experience. There’s a reason why it’s called a beta release. It is highly recommended to try a beta iOS version on a secondary device.

How to install iOS 12.1.2 Developer beta on iPhone or iPad

If you’re an iOS developer, you can easily download and install iOS 12.1 beta on your iPod Touch, iPad, or the iPhone (see the device compatibility list above.) You can install iOS developer beta only if you have a developer account with Apple. It’s a paid account, and without it, you cannot download any non-Xcode betas.

How to register and install iOS Developer beta Profile

With an Apple developer account, you need to first install an Apple Developer Beta Software Profile on your iOS device. Follow these steps to install the profile:

  1. Open Safari browser on an iOS 12.1.2 compatible iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch and go to the following URL:
  2. Tap on the tab that reads “Download New Betas.”
  3. Sign in using the credentials of your Apple developer account.
  4. Navigate to iOS beta section.
  5. Tap on Download, and it should begin downloading the iOS Beta Software Profile on your iPhone or iPad.
  6. Once completes, the iOS Beta Profile will appear on your device. Tap Install.
  7. The process may ask you to enter the Passcode (if any.)
  8. You are required to agree to the consent form and tap on Install (upper-right corner) and then again tap on Install (at the bottom of the screen.)
  9. Finally, press the Restart button to apply the changes to your iPhone or the iPad.

How to install iOS 12.1.2 beta

Now that you’ve installed iOS beta software profile on your iOS device, it’s time to install iOS 12.1.2 beta one on it.

  1. Make sure your iOS device is connected to a decent Wi-Fi network.
  2. Open the Settings app on your Home screen
  3. Go to General.
  4. Tap on Software Update. Your iPhone or iPad will check for the available updates.
    install ios 12.1.1 developer beta on iphone or ipad
  5. Once the beta software update appears, tap on Download and Install.
  6. Tap Install and enter Passcode (if asked.)
  7. Agree to the Terms and Conditions by touching on Agree. Once again tap on Agree to confirm.
  8. Now your iPad or iPhone should reboot to install iOS 12.1.2 beta version. Now relax and wait for the installation process to complete.

How to install iOS 12.1.2 Public Beta on iPhone or iPad

If you’re not an Apple developer, you still have a chance to try iOS 12.1.2 beta on your iPhone or iPad. Alongside releasing a beta version to developers, Apple also releases the same iOS beta seeds to those enrolled in their Public Beta Testing Program.

While the beta version of an upcoming software update is meant to include new features, it may also be prone to some pre-release bugs that can prevent you from using the device as your daily driver. So, we strongly advise you to stay away from developers/public beta releases unless you need them for development or can live with all the bugs to try new features. If you depend on your device throughout the day, better wait for the final release.

Let’s learn how to install a public beta release of iOS on any compatible iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.

Sign up for iOS 12.1.2 Public Beta Testing Program

If you have already signed up for Apple’s public beta testing program in the past, there is no need to register again for iOS 12.1.2. Just sign in using the Apple ID you used to enroll in public beta testing. If you’ve never enrolled any public beta int he past, you need to start by registering your account with the public beta testing program. Here is how to:

  1. Open Safari on your iPhone or iPad on which you want to install the Public Beta and go to this URL:
    Note: If you had previously registered for a public beta program, tap on Sign in and skip to “How to enroll your device” section below.
  2. Tap on Sign Up.
  3. Input your Apple ID and its password and tap “Sign in.”
  4. Agree to the terms by tapping on Accept.

Once you’ve registered your account with the public beta testing program, it’s time to enroll your iPhone or iPad for iOS 12.1.2 public beta.

Install iOS 12.1.2 public beta profile on iPhone or iPad

After registering an account on Apple Public Beta Testing website, it’s time to enroll your device in iOS 11 public beta. It’s not as straightforward as installing a final iOS update. Apple uses configuration profiles to enroll devices for iOS 11 public beta. Follow the steps below to install iOS 11 public beta configuration profile on your iPhone or iPad.

Note: If your device has a previous beta profile installed, you may need to remove it before installing iOS 12.1.2 beta version. You can remove a public beta profile by going to Settings > General > Profile, select iOS Beta Software Profile and tap on Delete Profile.

  1. Open in Safari Browser on your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Sign in with Apple ID that you used to register with Apple’s Public Beta Testing Program.
  3. Under Enroll Your Devices section, tap on the iOS tab.
  4. Tap on Download profile.
  5. If you’re asked to grant access to Settings, tap Allow.
    install ios 12.1.1 beta profile on iPhone or iPad
  6. Now tap on the Install button in the upper right corner of the screen. Input your Passcode if asked.
  7. Now again tap on Install to agree to the terms and one more time to confirm the installation.
  8. Finally, tap on Restart to reboot your iPhone or iPad.
    signup ios public beta program

Once your iOS device is back On, it will automatically start downloading iOS 11 beta profile. Sit tight and let the profile installation process to complete.

How to Install iOS 12.1.2 Public Beta

Once you’ve registered an account with Public Beta program and enrolled your device by installing the Public Beta Configuration Profile, it’s time to install iOS 12.1.2 public beta on your device.

  1. Open Settings app from your Home screen and navigate to General > Software Update.
  2. Wait for the public beta update to appear. Once it does, tap Install and Download.
    install ios 12.1.1 public beta on iphone or ipad
  3. Tap on Agree to Terms and Conditions.
  4. Once again Tap Agree to confirm.
  5. Once the download process is complete, tap Install Now to begin the installation process.

After the installation, you can either set up your device as a new or restore from the backup you created above.