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iPhone 6 Concept Features an iPad Air like Design [Video]

with the iPhone 6 rumours mill in full swing, the iPhone 6 concepts have also started to make rounds now and then. This new iPhone iPhone 6 concept is designed by by Arthur Reis and features an iPad Air/iPad mini inspired design that makes this iPhone 6 mock-up looks like an iPod Touch. I must […]

New iOS 7 Concept Mocks Panoramic Wallpaper, Flat Design

With WWDC just a few weeks away when  Apple is going to unveil it latest and greatest mobile OS: iOS 7, which is rumored to bring major design overhauling. Anticipation for the next iOS installment is almost through the roof. There’s yet another new concept for iOS 7 that mimics some of the rumored features […]

iOS 7 Safari Mockup [Video]

With so many iOS 7 concepts making rounds in the cloud, Folks over at have taken the trouble of making their own iOS 7 concept but they kept it Safari browser specific. The cocept designer thinks that there’s a lot of potential in just Safari app that Apple could use in future versions of iOS…

A Nice Concept of iOS 7 Running on iPhone 5S/6

A German blog has shared a gorgeous iPhone 5S concept running iOS 7. 3D artist, Jürgen Ulbrich, has conceptualized iPhone 5S running a iOS 7 with flat interface in 3D renders. Hit the jump to see renders of the concept along with a video…

A Stunning Concept of What iOS 7 Might Look Like

iOS 7 which is being developed and redesigned under Jony Ive is rumored to bring flattened user interface. Keeping this in mind, a digital agency named Simply Zesty has created an iOS 7 user-interface concept that shows Jony Ive-ified, flattened UI.

MacView: A Spectacular Slider iTablet Concept

Patrycjusz Brzezinski has come up with a spectacular Apple slider Tablet concept and named it MacView. MacView features 2 touch screens in a slider design. The slide out screen is displayed being used as a keyboard, coverflow, video playlist, thumbnail index, etc. Brzezinski has also designed a sleek packaging for the Tablet. This is without […]