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Designer Visualizes iPhone 8 with Steel Chassis and Glass Back

Since this year is all about iPhone 8 and the rumors mill is already in its full swing, designers have also started to come up with their own imagined design and look of this upcoming iPhone model. In a latest iPhone 8 concept, the designer visualizes the upcoming iPhone 8 sporting a combination of steel and glass on the sides and the back of the device.

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The designer has brought back the steel and glass body of the iPhone 4/4s, which became so popular back int he days among Apple fans. However, with the launch of iPhone 5, Apple shifted from an all glass and steel body to aluminum chassis and it still remains the same with the latest iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus. While it is just a concept, if turned out to be a reality, the introduction of an all glass and steel combination with the iPhone 8 will be quite a shift.

The designer imagines a relocated dual-lens camera system which he located vertically on the back rather than horizontally. This is something that some of the previous rumors have also spoken about. The concept also shows a smart connector on the back of the device similar to the iPad Pro. The Smart Connector has never been rumored before, So it’s likely a figment of designer’s imagination that he expects Apple to introduce in the future. Previously, it was believed that Apple would introduce a Smart Connector in iPhone 7 Plus Pro, which turned out to be false.

iphone 8 x conceptback

Another noticeable change over the current iPhone 7 is the missing home button on the front panel, which has also been discussed in other rumors. It’s being speculated that Apple is planning on embedding the fingerprint scanner within the display panel ad Synaptics is already building such component.

Share your thoughts on these renders. Would you buy the iPhone 8 if it looked like this?

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