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Designer Envisions System-Wide Dark Mode for iPhone X

So far Apple has shown its tendency towards a light theme for all the iOS version the company has released to date. This choice of the theme made sense for Apple considering the fact that the company remained dependent on LCD display until the launch of iPhone X with an OLED display.

iphone x dark theme concept

OLED displays make great use of dark UI across the operating system and the apps because an LED does not use any power on a dark part of the screen. So, a light theme across the UI and the stock Apple apps worked for the company due to lack of OLED panels in its iPhone lineup. However, with the launch of Apple Watch with an OLED display, the company has shown off that it is not against the idea of using a dark theme on a device with an OLED panel.

With the launch of iPhone X with an OLED panel, the Apple community is expecting a dark theme across the UI and the stock apps in the iOS as well. If you’re not sure how a system-wide dark theme would look like on an iPhone X, Maximos Angelakis has created a concept envisioning what that could look like on the iPhone X. A system-wide dark theme means that it is not just for some apps, but for the entire operating system as well as company’s stock applications.

ios dark theme concept

For this dark iOS theme concept, Angelakis credits Apple’s implementation of the dark theme in Apple Watch and its system UI to make good use of the OLED display. The designer also envisions how the Control Center, Settings, and the multitasking would look with a dark theme applied.

Other than the stock iOS functions, the concept also showcases how the built-in Mail app, Safari, Contacts, Messages, and the App Store would look like with a dark theme. The designer did not stop just there, he also created a dark interface for the Apple Music, which is a much-requested change for the app and with an OLED display on iPhone X it makes more sense than ever before.

apple music dark theme concept

For the full gallery of Angelakis’s creation, check out this link. Would you want to have a dark theme option on your iPhone X? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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