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New iPhone 8 Renders Depict the Function Area

After a relatively small break, we are once again looking at yet another set of concept renders related to iPhone 8. However, this specific set of renders has a unique focal point. Rather than presenting how the overall experience of an iPhone 8 might look like, this latest set of iPhone 8 renders focuses on the virtual function area rumored for the 10th-anniversary edition of the iPhone and shows how Apple could make use of that area.

iPhone 8 Function Area render1

Apple is widely rumored to introduce a bezel-less design for iPhone 8 and to make the best use of the new found space on the front of the device, Apple will reportedly introduce a so-called function area at the bottom of the device where the Touch ID currently resides. This function area will allow users to perform various tasks y providing a control panel sort of small things. Most of the analysts and industry insiders expect function area to work more like the Touch Bar on the MacBook Pro by introducing dynamic buttons and options to the user.

In one instance, when a user is using the Apple Music app, the media controls could appear in the function area related to the environment the user is in. When the switches to the Messages app, the belief is that the function area will offer buttons and shortcuts related to messages such as replying to the text message.

The designer has created these renders base on all the leaks (schematics and dimensional diagrams) and rumors making rounds over and over in the past few months. The renders also show an active in-screen Touch ID option inside the function area depicting that the fingerprint sensor could be embedded beneath the display.

iPhone 8 Function Area render2

The reports and rumors have been countering each other and there is yet to be a consensus on the location of the Touch ID on the iPhone 8. Some rumors suggest that it will be embedded within the display while others suggested it to be placed on the rear of the device.

While none of these features is officially confirmed by Apple, still it’s entertaining to see people coming up with their own imagination of hardware and software experience for the iPhone 8. If Apple indeed announces a similar function area, would you be happy with this design choice?

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