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Crazy new iPhone 7 concept visualizes a flexible widescreen display [Video]

With iPhone 7 just more than 6 months away from its official launch, the concept bandwagon is rolling along just fine. Creating concept designs for unreleased products is not new, but there are some products for which many designers attempts to visualize its upcoming revisions. iPhone is one such device and we have seen an increasing number of iPhone 7 concepts lately. Not all designs succeed in capturing the attention of many, but some are so crazy and futuristic that they go viral in no time. “iPhone 7 – widescreen” is one such concept.

iphone 7 widescreen concept

iPhone 7 – Widescreen is a crazy new concept for Apple’s next-generation iPhone model that features an expanding widescreen display. The concept is created by Sonitdac, who visualizes carbon fiber arms that comes out of both sides of the device to roll out a much larger widescreen display.

It’s safe to say that Apple’s upcoming iPhone 7 won’t look anything like this concept, but that doesn’t make it any less interesting. This widescreen iPhone 7 concept may actually be more suited for the iPhone 10 due to its futuristic, flexible widescreen display that rolls in and out of the device.

The concept shows a much wider flexible display that centers around expanding two arms. The display becomes considerably larger when the carbon fiber arms expand out of the right and left sides of the device making it much like a tablet than a smartphone. Since the display wraps around the side edges, it replaces the volume buttons with virtual variants.

Take a look at the video:

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