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iPhone 7 concept imagines “Parachute System” to avoid screen-shattering ground collision

A new video that has been posted on YouTube demonstrates an iPhone 7 feature that seems too awesome to ever actually exist. The concept video is made by a YouTube user Sonitdac who has come up with a way to save expensive iPhone devices from screen-shattering fall.

iphone 7 parachute system

The designer calls it the “Parachute System,” which seems a lot of fun and useful feature, but there’s a question about its practicability. This imagined “Parachute System” uses a built-in carbon dioxide jets, in the casing of the expensive smartphone, from a screen-shattering ground collision of the iPhone.

The freefall of the phone is detected by an “orientation, speed, and proximity sensor” and trigger retro boosters which on both the top and bottom side of the device and activates depending on whether the device is falling display-side up or down. When the device runs out of device-saving gas, an alert appears on iPhone screen. You can then refill it through a port at the bottom edge of the device.

While the concept shows something that can be very useful is real life, but it seems highly unlikely of a company to add a new port for gas recharge who is already planning on removing the 3.5mm headphone jack from its upcoming iPhone.

It’s worth noting that an Apple patent filed back in March 2013 indicates that the company has toyed with the idea of fall-interruption systems. The patent describes that a built-in motor will turn a free-falling device to make it land on its back in an effort to save its display from shattering

When we compare Apple’s motor turning idea with this new concept, we’d say that the Parachute System is way too cooler and fun, but an impractical one.

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