iPhone 6 Pro - Concept Imagines iPhone 6 with heart rate monitor

iPhone 6 Pro – Concept Imagines the Device with Exciting Features

Despite the fact that the leaks about iPhone 6 are becoming a steady stream, still it’s fun to imagine what an iPhone 6 should look like. Folks over at ConceptsiPhone has posted a video on YouTube showing off a gorgeous iPhone 6 concept, taking some looks of the Huawei Ascend P6, fantasizing it to be a super-thin 7.2-millimeter frame, Apple A9 chip, 16-megapixel UHD camera, LED notification, and a heart rate monitor located at the upper-right side of the device.

iphone 6 pro

Another iPhone concept with all new design, Heart Rate Monitor, 3MP front camera, 16MP back camera, iOS 8, Apple A9 chip and coming with a controller which has a capacity of projecting videos games, films and the screen to use as a computer.

While all these iPhone 6 features imagined in the video have not been officially confirmed, but considering the fact that Samsung’s Galaxy S5 already has a heart rate monitor, a 16MP camera, the imagined features are definitely within the realm of reality. iPhone 5S, which is just 7.6mm deep, makes the achievement of 7.2mm frame within Apple’s grasp. But two of the features in the concept are a bit odd ones. First one is the introduction of A9 chip, which seems a little strange because we are yet to see an A8 chip device. Second, a tiny stylus dubbed as “iStick”, which is not Apple’s style and there doesn’t seems seem to be any need of such feature in the iPhone 6.

Watch the full video of iPhone 6 concept here:

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