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iPhone 7 concepts imagine full screen display and bezel free design

After a couple of months of the launch of iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6 with an all new design, larger size, curved edges, and much more, popular designer Martin Hajek has come up with a concepts of iPhone 7 depicting how Apple could evolve the design of iPhone 6 into the next generation iPhone.


These latest concept designs depict an iPhone with almost no bezels, resulting in overall reduction is the size of body while keeping the display at the same size as that of an iPhone 6. Once design shows an edge-to-edge display with reduced bezels, while other designs shows the entire front face as touchable display of the device.
One concept is not so radical shift from the iPhone 6 design, and incorporates reduced bezels by moving speakers at the top, and removing all extra space at the top and bottom of the home button.


iPhone 6 (left), iPhone 7 concept (right)

While this next set of mockups thinks of an iPhone 7 having an entire front panel as touchable display. The home button is still there but the area to the left and right of the home button would be used for touchable Control Center toggles. Which means as per this concept, the display has a hole to fit in the home button.
Narrower bezels are what one can expect from Apple to go for in its next generation iPhone. A hole in the display, however, seems something that Apple won’t do. Share your views about the concept in the comments section below.


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