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watchOS 4 Features and Release Date

Apple has made some huge announcements about tvOS, macOS, watchOS, and iOS and their upcoming updates for a better future. Apple has unveiled watchOS 4 that comes out with some of the new features including new Siri Watch Face, updates about music, giving some options for fitness and much more.

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How to install Watch OS update on Apple Watch

Apple has released Watch OS 1.0.1 with performance improvements and bug fixes. Since it’s the very first software update for Apple Watch, here’s a quick guide on how to install Watch OS update on Apple Watch.

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Apple Watch OS 1.0.1 Software update released

Apple has released the first ever software update for Apple Watch, Watch OS 1.0.1, which is now available for download. Apple’s first wearable went on sale April 24, and now several weeks later, Apple Watch OS gets the 1.0.1 update (Build: 12S632). Hit the jump for Watch OS 1.0.1 change-log and more.

How to remove a Debit or Credit card from Apple Pay on Apple Watch

Apple Pay feature on the Apple Watch allows its users to make mobile payment without touch their iPhone, directly through the Apple Watch. The process of such transaction through has been secured by Apple by requiring a user to wear the Watch on his/her wrist during the transaction. This security measure doesn’t make the process […]

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How to quickly switch to last used app on Apple Watch

Apple Watch lets you quickly switch between two apps. Using the feature, you can quickly return to the last used app on the Watch. The feature is currently available on Apple Watch only, as even on iPhone you’ve to go to switcher to switch between apps.

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Some Apple Watch owners experiencing skin irritation

As happened in the past to some fitbit smart-bands, some of the Apple Watch owners are reporting skin irritation because of the Watch. The skin irritation is reportedly caused by the materials used in the manufacturing of the Apple Watch band.

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How to take screenshot on Apple Watch

The Apple watch lets you take screenshot very easily that you can save with yourself or share it with someone. If you want to take screenshot of an app on your Apple Watch, or capture a software bug report, a conversation, or a game score, or want to show your circles how awesome is your […]

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Apple will not accept any fart app on Apple Watch

Just like back in early days of the app store, when fart apps were a novelty for some, many were hoping Apple Watch would begin a new era of flatulence apps. Fortunately, that won’t be the case with Apple’s wearable device, as Apple has already rejected the first app that allows its users nothing more […]

Apple Watch: Will it Blend? [Video]

The popular “Will it Blend” video series is back with their latest edition of experiment in which they are putting Apple’s latest wearable device, the Apple Watch, into their blender. Blendtec and Tom Dickson have returned with their “Will it Blend” Apple Watch Edition experiment to check how well it survives in a blender.

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How to set up Apple Watch and pair with your iPhone

Apple Watch, the first wearable device from Apple, is designed to compliment your iPhone. It’s not an independent device, but an accessory to an iPhone. Apple Watch feels a lot like installing a peripheral or a software package on your computer, but in this case you are going to install an accessory for your iPhone. […]

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Apple Watch User Guide Hints at authorized program for 3rd-party straps

You can buy new bands for your newly bought Apple Watch, but at Apple’s prices, buying a strap looks to be pretty expensive affair. This is going to change soon, according to Apple’s recently published User Guide for the Apple Watch, Apple is planning an authorized program for 3rd-party Apple Watch straps.

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First Apple Watch Orders being delivered in Australia

While the US based Apple Watch buyers will be waiting a few more hours to received their pre-ordered Apple Watch because it’s still April 23rd. However, in Australia, it’s already April 24th, which emans buyers has already started getting their pre-ordered Apple Watch delivered to them.