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Some Apple Watch owners experiencing skin irritation

As happened in the past to some fitbit smart-bands, some of the Apple Watch owners are reporting skin irritation because of the Watch. The skin irritation is reportedly caused by the materials used in the manufacturing of the Apple Watch band.

Fluoroelastomer band that Apple is offering with its Apple Watch Sports model, is mainly the one causing skin irritation to majority of the complaining customers.


Apple has already cautioned Apple Watch users on its support page that a “small number of people will experience reactions to certain materials,” and Apple also mentions environmental factors, allergies and more to be the culprit of such reactions. The company also enlists different materials used in the making of bands that might cause allergic reaction to the Watch owners and suggests them to make sure the band is neither too loose nor overly tight on their wrists.

All those Apple Watch owners experiencing skin irritation caused by the bands should try to swap their Watch’s band with the ones that are made of completely different material as a remedy to such problems.

Number of affected owners is not really much and for a device that is too personal, it was bound to cause skin irritation to those sensitive to some material types.


Did you buy an Apple Watch? Has it caused you any skin irritation or triggered any allergy on your wrist?

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