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Apple Watch: Will it Blend? [Video]

The popular “Will it Blend” video series is back with their latest edition of experiment in which they are putting Apple’s latest wearable device, the Apple Watch, into their blender. Blendtec and Tom Dickson have returned with their “Will it Blend” Apple Watch Edition experiment to check how well it survives in a blender.

apple watch blend

Spoiler alert: Just like an iPhone model put through “Will it blend” experiment, the Apple Watch was quick to destroy in the blender and ends up into tiny bits and pieces of metal.

Before this, Consumer Reports also put Apple Watch through various test under extreme real life conditions. Through various tests, they tested water, scratch resistance and heart rate sensor of the Apple Watch. And the Apple Watch passed all those tests, conducted under extreme real life conditions, in bright colors.

Watch the “Will it Blend” Apple Watch edition in action below. DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME.

Move over DickTracy and Knight Rider, the Apple Watch was just released and it’s about “time” we find out the “SIRI-ous” question…”Will it Blend?”’ll want to watch until the end to see how Tom addresses the Apple Car chatter!

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