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‘Remote S’ will let you Remotely Control Tesla Model S Car from Apple Watch [Video]

Apple Watch apps have already shown great capabilities, but this upcoming app shows the future is ever brighter than what present holds for these apps. A video, appeared on YouTube, demonstrates an app that certainly is the first Apple Watch app capable of remotely controlling almost all the functions of Tesla’s Model S.

In the video, developer Allen Wong shows off his “Remote S” app for Apple Watch that can control some important functions of Tesla’s Model S, as demonstrated in the video below. User can interact with Tesla’s Model S’s several different functions with just a single tap on the screen of the Apple Watch.
In the video, Wong shows off a Glance displaying general status of the Model S before digging further deep into the main app which itself offers several different functionalities such as issuing commands to the vehicle to flash the lights, honk the horn, charging status of the vehicle, full panoramic roof control – which is not even offered by tesla’s official app yet.

Other controls the app offers include locking and unlocking of the doors, changing car’s charge limit, climate control settings, using the Watch as a key to start the Watch and finding the location of the car on a map. The app also allows to monitor the speed at which the Model S is moving and its location right from your wrist.

According to Wong, the “Remote S” apps is not yet available in the iOS app store, however, it has been submitted to the app store and currently waiting on Apple’s approval. Hopefully it will be available in the app store soon.

Checkout the “Remote S” app in action:


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