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iphone 6s batter case

Best iPhone 6s Battery cases to protect and charge your iPhone 6s

Looking to buy an iPhone 6s battery case? You’ve come to the right place. When the battery life becomes an issue, you just cannot rely on car or wall chargers to go through your whole day or in a journey. While Apple’s latest iPhone 6s packs some great hardware specs, its battery capacity is at […]

Mophie’s New Juice Pack H2Pro lets you Charge your iPhone 6 in the Bathtub

Mophie, one of the popular iPhone accessory maker, is known for its decent line-up of battery cases and external battery backup solutions for iPhone, at a decent price. The company launched its cases and backup battery solutions for iPhone and iPad earlier this year, but as of today, Mophie has entered into waterproof category by […]

ipod cover

Smart Flip Cover turns iPhone 6 into an iPod Classic [Concept]

While the iPod Classic is not more into production, its legacy still lives on, and still have a huge pool of fans for its form factor and the click wheel. If you’re a fans on iPod Class form factor, you’ll be pleased to see Claudio Gomboli’s smart cover that essentially turns your iPhone 6 or […]

Magic SIM: Dual SIM Adapter for iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6

While Android smartphones have been offering dual SIM option for quite a while now, Apple has not and probably will never release a dual SIM iPhone. Dual SIM phones are very popular in Asian countries and Android smartphones are serving them well, however, Apple has always been enjoying support from 3rd party manufacturers, with dual […]


iStick: First Made-for-iPhone-iPad USB Flash Drive with Lightning

Hyper, an Apple products’ accessory maker, has launched a new product called iStick. Hyper iStick is the first Apple-approved Made-for-iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch (MFi) USB flash drive that has a USB connector as well as includes a built-in Lightning connector. It means iStick can work with both the computer and an iOS device. Unfortunately, the accessory can […]

Apple Releases (PRODUCT) RED iPhone 4S/4 Bumper

Apple has released a new product into its online Apple store, but it’s nothing excited and big like a new Macbook Air, or an iPhone. A new Apple iPhone 4S/4 bumper – (PRODUCT) Red is now available from Apple.

iPad 2 Smart Cover in Action [Video]

The iPad 2 Smart Cover was made for iPad 2. And vice versa. It attaches magnetically and aligns perfectly to protect the iPad display. Open it and your iPad wakes instantly. Close it, and your iPad 2 goes to sleep automatically. And it folds into the perfect watching and typing stand. It’s one great idea […]

Waterproof Jacket for Your iPhone

Sanwa has announced a waterproof jacket for the iPhone which let you to use your iPhone/iPod Touch while at the pool or beach. This waterproof jacket also includes a headphone jack for use with waterproof headphones. It’s available for 3,280 yen (about $34).