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Apple Launches New iPhone 7 / iPhone 7 Plus Case Colors in Silicone and Leather

As we all know that apple has launched Red version of iPhone7 & 7-Plus and some different bands for the Apple Watch. Apple Inc. has also introduced new cases made from Leather and silicone for their smartphones.

iphone 7 new cases

Apple introduces new products and accessories with colors they mention in their initial unveiling. Now, Apple has introduced their new cases made from leather and silicone, which are available in different color options that not only match the recently released Apple Watch bands but also introduces the same bizarre naming conventions.

We all care for our smartphones by wrapping them up with different kind of cases such as silicone cases. Similarly, users which like to cover their iPhone 7 & iPhone 7-Plus in silicone cases, Apple now introduced new cases in different colors like Azure, Camellia, and Pebble colors. In plain language, these include a blue one, a version of brown and light red.

iphone 7 new silicone cases

For those who want to add a premium touch to their devices, Apple has introduced their new official Leather cases in different color options like Taupe, Sapphire, and Berry for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7-Plus. The Taupe color is self-explanatory, but there are two other options including a stunning deep blue and deep red leather cases.

iphone 7 new leather cases

These cases might be designed to match with Apple Watch bands, but these Leather and Silicone cases are a worthy addition to company’s range of accessories. Apple’s Silicone cases start from $35 and the Leather cases start at $45.

Now, Apple has introduced 22 new cases which are available for their customers, a total number consists of 12 variants of Silicone and 10 Leather cases. However, these newly introduced cases are not the only option for iPhone users as there is a range of 3rd party cases available in the market as well. These officially launched cases are designed to fit well with the iPhone. These cases fit perfectly and inside these contain microfiber lining which provides maximum protection for the device.

Not just these cases, there are an excessive amount of excellent quality third-party cases available in the market which include different variation and might even be cheaper than Apple’s new leather cases.

Apple is selling these new cases at their retail Apple stores as well as these are available on company’s online store at

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