An Indian Student Discovers a Way to Bypass iPhone Activation Lock

iphone unlock

An Engineering student has managed to bypass Apple’s secured anti-theft Activation Lock feature on iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. Hemanth Joseph is a final-year mechanical engineering student in Kochi, India who successfully managed to bypass Apple’s Activation Lock. Joseph had previously been rewarded by Google $7500 for disclosing a bug in Google’s Cloud platform.

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Apple to use Data-Collecting Drones to Beat Google Maps

apple maps logo ios 7

Apple is reportedly working on a strategy to make use of data collecting drones in order to ‘catch up’ with Google. In order to bolster and further improve the quality of Apple Maps, the company is putting together a team of data collection and robotics experts to make use to drones and “new indoor navigation feature.” Bloomberg reports that it is a company’s attempt to catch up with Google, the long-time leader of mapping field.

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iPhone 8 to Feature Wireless Charging and Glass Body; Expected to Break iPhone 6 Sales Record

iphone 7 concept thumb

Apple is expected to experience the biggest iPhone sales year ever next year with the launch of iPhone 8, predicts the KGI securities’ analyst. The analyst estimates three new models of the 2017 iPhone that will see ‘unprecedented’ demand. KGI estimates iPhone sales figure to hit 120-150 million units during the second quarter of 2017, effectively breaking the previous sales record set by the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

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Get New Macbook’s Touch Bar on any old Mac


Apple introduced its latest Macbook models a few weeks ago and the Macbook Pro received an all new Touch Bar. The reviews of the new Macbook refresh have been mixed. While the Touch Bar is a shiny new addition welcomed by the majority, it comes at a considerable price.
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Apple may Skip iPhone SE Revision in 2017

iphone se

The well-known market analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo of the KGI securities, has issued a new note to investors with his latest forecast on iPhone sales during 2017. Kuo predicts around 40-5- million iPhone unit shipments in the first quarter of 2017 i.e. the last quarter of 2016.

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Foxconn Working on Wireless Charging Modules for iPhone 8

iphone 7 jet

A new report from aJapanese website claims that Foxconn is currently working on developing a wireless charging module from next-generation of iPhone (the iPhone 8?), which will be launched in 2018. The report, however, says that the said module will only make it into the iPhone 8 only if Foxconn could yield a satisfactory level of production output.

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Hidden One-Handed iPhone Keyboard Found in iOS Code

ios keyboard

One-handed operation feature on larger screen devices makes it easier for users to use it comfortably in a single hand. Now a keyboard with similar capabilities has been found hidden inside the iOS code. Troughton-Smith, a developer, was the first who came across a hidden one-handed iPhone keyboard feature, which can be activated using iOS Simulator.
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Full-Body Skins can remove ‘iPhone’ and FCC markings from Jet Black iPhone 7 when Peeled-Off

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Use of skins for the phones gives protection to the users from scratches and allow them to get rid of the pouches or cases for their phones. The users of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus having Jet Black model have already been warned about their devices that scratches can appear on the body of their phones, but now be aware of yet another exterior body related iPhone 7/Plus issue.

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