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12 Colorful New iPhone XR wallpapers [Download]

Apple will ship the iPhone XS with 12 colorful new wallpapers. All these new iPhone XR wallpapers have been extracted and made available on the internet, thanks to 9to5mac. These wallpapers of iPhone XR has been extracted from the Apple iPhone XR firmware files. You can download iPhone XR wallpapers from the link below.

download iphone xr wallpapers

These iPhone XR HD wallpapers come in different colors of bubbles. These colors correspond to the colors in which iPhone XR will be available when it goes on sale: black, black, red, blue, coral, and yellow.

Please keep in mind that these wallpapers for iPhone XR, posted below, are not the live wallpapers but static backgrounds. The publication also notes that the iPhone XR firmware does not contain any live wallpaper, but this may change when the iPhone XR is launched in late October.

Download iPhone XR Wallpapers

Since Apple will launch iPhone XR in late October and we will have to wait until then to get our hands on the new devices. Until then, we can at least feast on the iPhone XR wallpapers by using them on our existing iPhone devices.

iPhone XR wallpapers download links: [Mega] [WeTransfer] [Dropbox]

You can also download these wallpapers of iPhone XR from the gallery below:

  1. Tap on any of your desired wallpaper.
  2. Right-click or long press on the image.
  3. Tap ‘Save’ on iOS or ‘Save image as’ on your browser to save the image.

To set iPhone XR wallpaper as your iPhone’s wallpaper:

  1. Open the designer image in the Photos app on your iPhone.
  2. Tap the share icon (box with an upward arrow) in the lower-left corner.
  3. Choose ‘Use as Wallpaper.’
  4. Choose ‘Perspective.’
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