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Smart Flip Cover turns iPhone 6 into an iPod Classic [Concept]

While the iPod Classic is not more into production, its legacy still lives on, and still have a huge pool of fans for its form factor and the click wheel. If you’re a fans on iPod Class form factor, you’ll be pleased to see Claudio Gomboli’s smart cover that essentially turns your iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus into an iPod Classic.

Gomboli’s iPod case accessory imagines a flip cover for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. It has a front panel with looks of an iPod Class; features click wheel and complete with a rectangular space for screen. The imagined flip cover is shown in multiple color options just like an iPod Touch.
ipod cover for iphone 6

The concept imagines a smart flip cover that manipulates the information shown on the rectangular cut-out screen when the cover is flipped over the iPhone screen. When the iPod mode is activated, then the interactive click wheel can be used to navigate through the iPod interface.

The conceptual iPod Mode, when activated by closing the cover, is focused on music, now playing list, widgets, notifications and more. When the cover is on, the display automatically switches to a smaller rectangular shape to fit in in the iPod Classic cover.

ipod cover for iphone 6

The concept, no doubt, is a spectacular one with an awesome conceptual manipulation of the information with a smart cover. But, unfortunately, Apple doesn’t allow this much manipulation with a smart cover for its iOS devices.

ipod cover for iphone 6

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ipod cover for iphone 6

[Claudio Gomboli]

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