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BlowToUnlock – unlock iPhone by simply blowing at it

Apple’s Slide to unlock has now become one of the signature feature of iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Developers around the globe work hard to create tweaks to bring up new lock screen/unlock methods for jailbroken iPhone/iPad/iPod touch. Cydia has now become the most famous alternative jailbroken app store, and without a doubt, Cydia is […]

How to Enable Air Gesture to Answer Call on iPhone

Do your friends make you feel jealous of their android phones by answering the call by just waving their hand over the device? Or you miss a call due to your dirty hands, or when you are wearing gloves? Does it make you feel low for your iPhone? Don’t worry, Handsfree jailbreak solution enables such […]

How to get iOS 8 style quick reply feature on iOS 7.1.x

Apple announced bunch of new features on iOS 8, out of which one of the most wished feature was quick reply. Replying to messages without having to stop what you’re doing, responding from anywhere; the Springboard, Winterboard or any other app without interruption, is what majority has been looking forward to. The feature is finally […]


GuestMode: Enable Guest Mode on iPhone, iPad [Cydia Tweak]

While OS X and some of the Android devices offer a GuestMode or multiple users support, the same cannot be said for Apple’s iOS. iPhone and iPad users don’t have the luxury of settings up a Guest account or multiple accounts on a single device. Like any other feature that iOS lacks, jailbreak users can […]

How to Add new Dynamic Wallpapers to iPhone iOS 7 with iDynamic

Apple completely overhauled the look and feel of its mobile operating system with the release of iOS 7. Among other major additions, iOS 7 also introduced dynamic/live wallpapers. But the live or dynamic wallapers feature in iOS 7 is at its early stages so don’t offer much variety of dynamic wallpapers. There are multiple stock […]

Download Vine Videos to Camera Roll with VineDownloader

Ever wanted to download vine videos to your iPhone? If yes, you’ll be happy to learn about VineDownloader. A new jailbreak tweak dubbed VineDownloader, is now available in Cydia under BigBoss repo for $0.99 that allows you to download vines to your camera roll. Hit the jump to learn more about VineDownloader…

LockToggle Adds Settings Toggles to Your Lock Screen

LockToggle is a new jailbreak tweak available in Cydia that lets you add your system settings toggles to the lock screen of your device, which means you can enable or disable any of the toggles available under Settings app right from the lock screen of your iPhone/iPad without unlocking it.

Background Manager Enables True Multitasking on iOS 6

True multitasking experience has never been available on iOS in order to improve battery time of your iPhone/iPad. However, jailbreak community have been enjoying the true multitasking experience, at least on older iOS version, for quite some time now. Unfortunately, backgrounder, the true multitasking Cydia app stopped working since iOS 6. The project has been […]

How to Enable Facebook Chat Heads System-wide on iOS with Message Box

Facebook 6.0 for iOS brought major update to iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch featuring iconic Chat Heads, and Stickers from Facebook Home for Android. However, due to iOS restrictions, Facebook could not implement the chat heads feature system-wide on iPhone, which means Chat heads are locked down to being in-app only. But thanks to Jailbreak […]

Set Google Maps as Default Maps App on iOS with MapsOpener

Apple replaced Google maps in iOS 6 with its in-house mapping solution. Google Maps app, after a few months of removal from iOS, is now available in the app store for download. But problem still remains – Apple’s maps app still remains the default maps app in iOS. Fortunately, you can set Google Maps as […]

iTweak Store: A Web Based Cydia Alternative

iTweak Store is a new web based jailbreak app store which describe itself as a Cydia alternative. iTweak is NOT an app installed on your iPhone, ipad or iPod Touch, it’ll be a web based store where all the jailbreak apps, tweaks and themes will be available to jailbreakers.

Display Recorder v1.3.0 Brings Mic Audio Recording

Display Recorder v1.3.0 is now available for download in the Cydia Store. Display Recorder v1.3.0 update adds the Mic Audio recording feature. Display Recorder lets you record the display in real-time with YouTube uploads, send to camera roll, web interface, ProTapper-style touch circles and Activator integration.