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How to get iOS 8 style quick reply feature on iOS 7.1.x

Apple announced bunch of new features on iOS 8, out of which one of the most wished feature was quick reply. Replying to messages without having to stop what you’re doing, responding from anywhere; the Springboard, Winterboard or any other app without interruption, is what majority has been looking forward to. The feature is finally making its debut in iOS 8 as part of interactive notifications. However, if you can’t wait for iOS 8 final release or own a device which is not going to get iOS 8, here’s a jailbreak tweak that allows you to get iOS 8 quick reply feature on iOS 7.1.x devices.

With the announcement of iOS 8 features, many jailbreak developers has rushed to launch new jailbreak apps or tweaks with features similar to the original features of iOS 8. Quick reply is one of those iOS 8 features, which has been brilliantly implemented as a jailbreak tweak.

Which means we don’t have to wait iOS 8 release to have our hands on this awesome feature, thanks to the jailbreak developer who released ‘Auki’ and ‘Interactive Message Notifications’ jailbreak tweaks. ‘Interactive Message Notifications’ doesn’t require any settings to configure, and is enabled as soon as its installed. Auki offers quick replies as well as quick message composure and more. By installing Auki, you will be able to reply to messages without interrupting whatever you’re doing. Auki offers much more than what ‘Interactive Message Notifications’ has to offer.

interactive message notificationsinteractive message notifications

Incoming new message works as default, but you can reply to those incoming messages right from the notification by swiping down on it. A text entry box and the keyboard appears as you swipe down, and you are ready to quickly respond to the message received. ‘Interactive Message Notifications’ supports Whatsapp.

Interactive Message Notifications package costs a dollar, and can be downloaded from the BigBoss repo in Cydia. Before making your purchase, you should definitely check Auki and BitSMS as well.


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