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How to Enable Air Gesture to Answer Call on iPhone

Do your friends make you feel jealous of their android phones by answering the call by just waving their hand over the device? Or you miss a call due to your dirty hands, or when you are wearing gloves? Does it make you feel low for your iPhone? Don’t worry, Handsfree jailbreak solution enables such gestures on iPhone.

Thanks to Cydia Developers for working hard to make iOS devices more user friendly and adding new features to the device that Apple won’t otherwise offer. Yes folks, no need to be jealous anymore or worry about your dirty hands because you can add the feature of air gesture to your iPhone. A new Cydia tweak now allows you to answer your calls by simply waving your hand against the device.

HandsFree Cydia tweak allows you to answer Facetime, FaceTime Audio calls and normal cellular calls by simply waving your hand in front of your iPhone and the call is answered. It doesn’t only lets you answer calls by waving your hands, calls can also be transferred to the speaker by simply saying “straight to speaker”.
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Handsfree Cydia tweak is available at the Big Boss repo for $0.99. Once downloaded you can go to settings and customize the settings regarding the tweak. You can change number of waves to answer the call and adjust the speed of waves.

Handsfree cydia tweak only works on iOS 7.1 and above, and works only on iPhone 5, 5c and the iPhone 5S. In case you’ve not yet jailbroken your iPhone running iOS 7.1.x, here’s our detailed guide to do that:

Download Pangu
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