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LockToggle Adds Settings Toggles to Your Lock Screen

LockToggle is a new jailbreak tweak available in Cydia that lets you add your system settings toggles to the lock screen of your device, which means you can enable or disable any of the toggles available under Settings app right from the lock screen of your iPhone/iPad without unlocking it.
There are numerous Cydia tweaks out there that allows you to do similar stuff, but LockToggle’s toggle icons and the way it integrates these toggles with the lock screen make it stand out from the crowd.

Once installed, LockToggle add four system settings toggles on the lock screen and two more pages of toggles can be accessed by swiping on the toggles from right-to-left. Each of these toggles can be turned ON or OFF by double tapping on it.

LockToggle includes Settings toggles for brightness, volume, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Airplane mode, Do not disturb, 3G, Power, Respring etc. The down side of this tweak is that it does not grey out the toggles that are disabled like NCSettings does, so you cannot figure out if the toggle is enabled or disabled.

Your can get LockToggle from the Cydia store for free. or simply click the direct Cydia link below from your jailbroken device. [LockToggle – Cydia Link]

*Note: Make sure LockToggle is enabled in Settings app. You may need to reboot your device after installing LockToggle to make them appear on your lock screen.

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