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iOS X Ultimatum – OS X Theme for iPhone [Dreamboard]

iOS X Ultimatum is a Dreamboard theme that brings OS X interface to your iPhone. This OS X theme for iPhone is created by Timothy Elliot and Raymone Radi. iOS X Ultimatum is a Dreamboard based theme for iPhone.

iOS X ultimatum theme

iOS X Ultimatum features a customized Finderbar for easy access to your applications. Swiping across the dock at the bottom reveals more applications and you can find all the apps located in the finder folder. Photobooth icon opens the camera app and the iTunes icon accesses your music.

iOS X Ultimatum Theme Features

  • iOS X Ultimatum theme lets users to add 16 different apps to the main screen.
  • There are five folders located at the finderbar, user can customize the apps inside those folders.
  • Tapping the Apple logo on the finderbar brings up the 2 pages of apps in the favorites.
  • Swiping left-to-right brings up the Dashboard featuring Facebook, Twitter, and Weather widgets.
  • The finder icon brings up the complete list of apps installed on your iPhone.
  • Trash can isn’t really a trash can, rather a settings menu for iOS X Ultimatum.

iOS X Ultimatum theme for iPhone 1iOS X Ultimatum theme for iPhone 2iOS X Ultimatum theme for iPhone 3
iOS X Ultimatum is not only a responsive Dreamboard theme, it also is a nice combination of iOS and OS X. Things work differently when you’ve activated this Dreamboard theme. Apps like Activator, SBSettings and other gesture management systems take some getting used to. Swiping between pages on the home screen is absent along with the unviversal search option.

Despite some short falls, iOS X Ultimatum is an interesting, fast, and elegant Dreamboard theme that brings a nearly perfect mix of iOS and OS X to your iPhone.

How to Purchase iOS X Ultimatum

There is currently only one method of buying this theme i.e. PAYPAL METHOD:

  1. From your Papal account, send $2 to [email protected];
  2. Send an email at the same address telling your paypal email (to verify that the received payment is from you)
  3. Wait, and be provided with a download link for the iOS X Ultimatum theme.

iOS X Ultimatum theme for iPhone 4iOS X Ultimatum theme for iPhone 5iOS X Ultimatum theme for iPhone 6

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