Windows 8 Theme for iPhone: Metroon

Metroon: Windows 8 Theme for iPhone

Metroon is the first Windows 8 Metro UI styled theme for iPhone that has made its way into the Cydia store. Metroon is a Dreamboard based iPhone theme that will cost you $1.50 in Cydia.
metroon for iPhone icon
Best thing about this Windows 8 theme for iPhone is that it can co-exist with the stock iOS because it’s Dreamboard based theme. For those unfamiliar, Dreamboard is an advanced Theming Platform which lets you place anything from widgets to apps where ever you want. DreamBoard takes theming beyond just icons, or eliminates the need of Iconoclasm, SpringJumps, etc as required in case of many Winterboard themes.

Learn more about: Dreamboard

Once you’ve purchased the Metroon theme for your iPhone, it’ll also install Dreamboard and a single tap from within Metroon will switch back to stock iOS home screen. Dreamboard makes this switching quick and seamless.

Settings section of Metroon lets you choose the backgrounds and accent colors you made yourself. Unlimited number of slots allows you to have an infinite amount of wallpapers and colors stored that can easily be applied from within the theme.

How to Install Metroon

To install Metroon, your iPhone must be jailbroken. To jailbreak your device, checkout our jailbreak iPhone and jailbreak iPad categories.

  1. Once your iPhone is jailbroken, open Cydia app;
  2. Go to Search Tab and search for Metroon;
  3. Purchase it and install it, it’ll also install Dreamboard app;
  4. Open Dreamboard app and enable Metroon, have fun!

metroon windows 8 theme for iPhone
Metroon Features

Pin/Unpin System
A dynamic pin and unpin system. You can pin any app you like to the home screen. Tiles are auto created but can be customized in many different ways.

HTML ‘Live’ Tiles
You can use any html widget as a ‘live’ tile. All live tiles that were compatible with OS7/OS7:Revive will work on with theme.

Desktop Tile
A tile that uses your current wallpaper and allows you to switch to your regular iOS interface without loading times. A press on the home button brings you back to the Metroon interface.

Easy Way To Change The Tile Size
The tile can be made smaller or larger with the press of a single button.

A windows style lockscreen with custom media controls that shows your latest appointment you have set in your local calendar app.

Launch Animations
The Windows 8 launch and close animations

Integrated Music Live Tile
A large music live tile that shows the album art, title and artist of the currently playing song. Pressing the ‘smaller’ button will change the tile to only show the album artwork.

Integrated Calendar Live Tile
A large calendar tile that shows your latest appointment you have set in your local calendar app.

Integrated Messaging Live Tile
A large messaging tile that shows the latest message you received.

This theme can (and should be) heavily customized. Things that can be customized:

  • The tile’s/app’s name that is displayed
  • The tile’s badge position and size (both for small and large tiles)
  • The tile image (both for small and large tiles)
  • The tile image when it has a badge (both for small and large tiles)
  • The username
  • The user icon
  • The background
  • Every background color

Metroon Windows 8 Theme for iPhone Preview

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