Labeled Theme: Winterboard Theme for iPhone

Labeled: Winterboard Theme for iPhone

Labeled theme is a completely original and unique design by Xemnes. While the Labeled Winterboard theme for iPhone is not that flashy, but sure a unique icon design. Icons and badges appears as a label sticking out of the background.

While the Labeled iPhone theme is not a entirely complete, but worth giving a shot.
labeled theme
Labeled theme includes more than 145 custom icons, a wallpaper, lock background, badge, a few extra UI elements, and an icon mask that converts the icons that do not come with the package into a label shape to set better with the theme. The theme also includes a .psd icon template so that you may create missing icons yourself. The PSD file can be found by SSH iPhone to Library/Themes/Labeled/ folder.

Some of the icons needs to be renamed like Winterboard to WinterBoard and LockBackground pic has extension .png added twice. Icon name must be the one that appears with the App. You can Find icons under Library/Themes/Labeled/Icons folder.

How to Install iPhone Theme: Labeled

  1. Labeled is available via Cydia.
  2. You need to Jailbreak iPhone first.
  3. Install WinterBoard
  4. Open up Cydia and search for Labeled and install it.
  5. Now activate Labeled Theme from WinterBoard.

Winterboard Theme: Labeled Screenshots

labeled themelabeled themelabeled theme

labeled themelabeled themelabeled theme

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