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Winterboard Keyboard Theme – iAccess MacBook Air

iAccess MacBook Air is a nice MacBook Air inspired keyboard theme for iPhone enabled via Winterboard.

In order to get this MacBook Air keyboard theme in your iPhone you need to install Winterboard and iAccess 0S3 from Cydia. Then set toggles in iAccess 0S3 and finally enabling keyboard theme from the Winterboard.

Detailed instructions after the jump.

  1. Install Winterboard
  2. Go to Sections tab > Repositories > iAcces Repo and install it
  3. then search for iAcces OS3 and install it
  4. then search for iAccess MacBook Air and install it.
  5. Reboot your iPhone
  6. Open the iAcces app from your Springboard and set all Toggles to OFF except for the very top one.
  7. close the app and enable Macbook Air keyboard theme from the Winterboard.
  8. Now from the keyboard tap the Globe icon until you get the Macbook Air keyboard theme.









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