iPhone Theme: Cake Winterboard Theme for iPhone

Winterboard Theme for iPhone: Cake

With its stylish looks and unique form factor, the free springboard themeCake” by Ocean Observations will propel your iPhone into high fashion. The theme sports both white and black icons and a complete set of recessed variants that fits perfectly in the dock. Along the bottom of each button there is a stylish LED in either blue, pink or green.

Winterboard theme Cake comes with 100 free, super crisp icons (+ hundreds of 3rd party icons) and a Photoshop template to boot, making it super simple to create your own icons in the same style. iPhone theme Cake is also compatible with SummerBoard and Kate.

You need to rename Text.png to Messages.png VNotes.png to Voice Memos.png to get these icons working.
there are some other icons that needs to be renamed. (name the icons with the exact name of the app on your SpringBoard)
Icons can be found in the downloaded cake theme /icons folder

How to Install WinterBoard Theme: Cake

  1. Download Cake theme for iPhone and extract it.
  2. Make sure to Jailbreak iPhone first.
  3. Install WinterBoard via Cydia.
  4. SSH into iPhone
  5. Copy the contents of “Copy to Library/Themes” folder, (not the folder itself) available in the downloaded cake theme, to your iPhone (Library/Themes) folder.
  6. Now activate Cake Theme from WinterBoard.
    (The files take priority based on which file comes first. “Cake” is the main theme. To use any of the extras such as the Black Icons, you need to drag it above the Cake theme in winterboard. Then tap both Black Icons and Cake so they get a checkmark before the name. To set your new files, just push your Home Button. Your iPhone will respring and the files you have selected will take affect.)
  7. Customization: Read the included DOC file

iPhone Theme: Cake Screenshots

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