iPhone Theme: Matte Nano Winterboard Theme for iPhone

Winterboard Theme for iPhone: Matte Nano

Matte Nano is a decent matte finished iPhone theme enabled via Winterboard.  This WinterBoard Theme contains:

  • 2,295 icons (including duplicate icons)
  • a wallpaper
  • dock
  • badges
  • status bar

matte-nano-winterboard-theme-iphone-ssiPhone Theme: Matte Nano comes with an icon template (.psd) that is located in the Library/Themes/Matte Nano/Icons folder by SSH into iPhone. Matte Nano Winterboard theme also features a mask for app icons that resizes all those icons to theme icon size that do not come with the theme.

If you want to give a perfect matte look to your iPhone then install Matte Nano with Matte UI Graphite. You can also find a matte theme for SBsettings.

How to Install WinterBoard Theme: Matte Nano

  1. Matte Nano is available via Cydia.
  2. Make sure to Jailbreak iPhone first.
  3. Install WinterBoard via Cydia.
  4. Open up Cydia and search for Matte Nano and install it.
  5. then search for Matte UI Graphite and install it
  6. Now activate Matte Theme and Matte UI Graphite from WinterBoard.

iPhone Theme: Matte Nano Screenshots




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