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Jailbreak iOS 4.0 Firmware

Apple has pushed the iOS 4 (formerly iPhone OS 4.0) for both the iPhone and iPod Touch to the developers. iOS 4.0 firmware will be released to general public on June 21st. Dev-Team has already jailbreak iOS 4.0 GM with RedSn0w 0.9.5b5 and previous iPhone OS 4.0 beta 4 and beta 1..

Jailbroken iPod Touch 2G OS 4.0 Beta 1 (Video)

iH8sn0w, the father of Sn0wBreeze and other handy utils like iREB and AUTOSHSH to hack iPhone has uploaded a video on twitvid where he shows a jailbroken iPod Touch 2G (MB model) running iPhone Os 4.0 beta 1. Video after the jump…

Jailbroken iPhone 3G OS 4.0 + Multitasking Enabled (Video)

iPhone OS 4.0 brings multitasking to iPhone and iPod Touch but this feature is limited to iPhone 3GS and iPod Touch 3G only. No multitasking in iPhone 3G or older iPod Touch 2G. A few days ago we told you about a hacker who figured out a way to enable multitasking on iPhone 3G and […]

GeoHot Jailbreaks iPhone OS 4.0 with BlackRa1n

GeoHot successfully jailbreak iPhone OS 4.0 with BlackRa1n. He has shared a screenshot of jailbroken iPhone OS 4.0 with BlackRa1n showing Cydia and blackra1n icons resting on the springboard. iPhone OS 4.0 jailbreak with blackra1n screenshot after the jump…

iPhone OS 4.0 Jailbroken within 24 Hrs of its Release

*Spirit Jailbreak is Out now. Check the Update below.* iPhone OS 4.0 has been jailbroken! Yes, it’s true. It’s not even a day since Apple announced iPhone OS 4.0 and released iPhone OS 4.0 developers preview and the legendary dev-team member Musclenerd has posted a video to show jailbroken iPhone OS 4.0. Video after the […]

Untethered Reboot of Jailbroken iPhone 3GS New BootRom (Demo)

They started with Gull1Hack (fake?) which is claimed to jailbreak all iPhones and iPod Touches including iPhone 3GS (new BootRom) and iPod Touch 3G and now they have posted a demo video revealing the device details using F0recast, it shows a jailbroken iPhone 3GS from week 46 (means new BootRom) and then an untethered reboot […]

Gull1Hack: Jailbreak iPhone 3GS New BootRom (Untethered)?

Gull1Hack team claims that they have found an exploit to jailbreak iPhone 3GS with new BootRom. The hackers team also claims that the exploit not only works to jailbreak iPhone 3GS new BootRom but also has the ability to jailbreak all other iPhones and iPod Touches including iPod Touch 3G. “We just found an amazing […]

How to Jailbreak iPhone, iPod Touch OS 3.1.2 Using BlackRa1n RC3

GeoHot has released RC3 of BlackRa1n jailbreak for iPhone. So, In this guide you will learn how to jailbreak iPhone and iPod Touch on OS 3.1.2 using BlackRa1n for Windows. NOTE BlackRa1n jailbreaks  all iPhones and iPod Touch models BlackRa1n jailbreak will work with the latest 3.1.2 firmware. So Update to Latest iPhone OS 3.1.2 […]

BlackRa1n RC2 is Available Now, Supports iPhone 3GS

GeoHot has released BlackRa1n RC2. BlackRa1n RC2 was supposed to be released tomorrow but GeoHot was quicker at releasing BlackRa1n RC2 than he thought. This version provides a tethering jailbreak for the new iPhone 3GS with the updated Bootrom. New in BlackRa1n RC2 Fixed 3G issues Tethered jailbreak for 3.1 OOTB ipt 8GB and new […]

How to Jailbreak iPhone, iPod Touch on OS 3.1.2 Using BlackRa1n (Mac)

In this guide you will learn how to jailbreak iPhone and iPod Touch on OS 3.1.2 using BlackRa1n for Mac. Mac users please continue reading. Windows users please navigate to this guide: How to Jailbreak iPhone, iPod Touch on OS 3.1.2 Using BlackRa1n (Windows) Jailbreak iPhone, iPod Touch 3.1.2 with RedSn0w IMPORTANT BlackRa1n jailbreaks  all […]