12 best iOS 10 features for iPhone and iPad - What's New

12 best new features of iOS 10 for iPhone and iPad

Apple’s latest keynote at WWDC 2016 was packed full of announcements related to almost any product-line Apple is offering. As expected, the software was the star of the show and among the announcements, iOS 10 was everyone’s focus on Monday.

With iOS 10, Apple is truly taking a huge step forward for its mobile operating system. While keeping all its quickness, smoothness, looks, the iOS 10 comes packed with a plethora of new features. Here, we are going to discuss the best new iOS 10 features Apple introduced for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch devices.

Here’s What’s new in iOS 10… Big! Bold! Beautiful!

Messages app gets awesome new features

Just like on any other smartphones, Message app is one of the most frequently used application. With the release of iOS 10, Apple has added tons of new stuff to its Message app including animated responses, iMessage fun stuff, app extensions, and more. Here’s a quick run-down:

  • Messages in your own handwriting. The receiver will see the animation of the ink flow like you are writing it.
  • Message bubble animations to say it loud, proud, or whisper
  • Full-screen animations to congratulate someone or to say Happy Birthday.
  • Invisible ink for photos and messages to hide them
  • Tap back for quick responses
  • You can add a personal touch by sending fireballs, heartbeats, sketches, more. You can also draw over videos
  • Stickers can be slapped over iMessages bubbles
  • Tap to replace emoji swaps text with emojis
  • iMessage app extensions
  • Stickers pack

ios 10 features messages

Updated Siri – iOS 10 Features

Apple has shown some serious love to Siri in iOS 10. Now being open to the 3rd-party apps developers, users will be able to access Siri in 3rd-party apps.

  • Built into third-party apps
  • Sirikit
  • You can Siri to book a ride Lyft
  • Send money to someone with Square
  • much more…

ios 10 features siri

Maps Improvements – iOS 10 Features

Apple Maps in iOS 10 has received a redesign, and it can now suggest places to check out when on your on your route. It can tell you about the traffic on your route and suggest a faster route.

  • Revamped interface
  • Traffic reports
  • app extensions – book a table using Open Table and ride with Uber, all without leaving Maps
  • The Proactive location suggests places you usually go and based on time, location and calendar context.

ios 10 features maps

HomeKit – iOS 10 Features

The biggest addition to HomeKit is the introduction of Home app. With the app, you should be looking forward to a connect home through iOS 10.

  • All new Home app.
  • Lights, locks, camera, and even raise your window shades with Home app
  • Make all smart accessories accessible from one app
  • Home app makes HomeKit features available through Lock screen and Control Center
  • Command Siri to control anything controllable through Home app

ios 10 features home

Apple Music New Features

Apple has recreated the interface for Apple Music. Here’s a quick rundown of Apple Music iOS 10 features in iOS 10:

  • An all new striking interface
  • Separate interfaces for iPhone and iPad
  • Lyrics for Songs while you’re playing
  • My favorite mix

ios 10 features music

Lock Screen Features

Apple has completely redesigned the lock screen in iOS 10. Here’s what new features have been added to the lock screen in iOS 10:

  • Raise to wake up the screen without pressing any button
  • 3D touch gesture to clear all notifications
  • Quick swipe to the right brings up the widgets
  • Respond to messages right from the lock screen notifications
  • Interaction with the native and third-party apps without ever leaving the lock screen

ios 10 features lock screen

New Features in Photos App

Some of the new features added to the Photos app in iOS 10 includes:

  • Facial recognition
  • scenes and objects recognition
  • Recognition is done locally without sending data to any server
  • An all new feature called Memories will automatically create movies and slide shows by grouping photos
  • Suggestion for related memories. For example, if you visit your grandparents, it will recommend you other memories with your grandparents as “related.”

ios 10 features memories

News App – iOS 10 Features

iOS 10 brings an overhauled user interface to the News application.

  • An Apple Music like new UI to the News app
  • Quick access to your topics of interest
  • Topics suggestion
  • Subscription model
  • Breaking news push notifications

ios 10 features news

Quick Type Improvements

Apple did not forget to add new features to the Quick Type in iOS 10:

  • Improved Quick Type suggestions
  • Siri is well integrated with the Quick Type contextual suggestions. For example, if someone asks you “Where are you?” Quick Type will offer your location as a suggestion

ios 10 features quick type



  • Live Photo Updates: Live Photos on iPhone 6s and the iPhone 6s Plus has received new digital image stabilization and editing features
  • New Notes Collaboration allows multiple people to work on a single note simultaneously.
  • The iPad has received an exclusive Split view in Safari feature that allows users to view two websites side by side.
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