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iOS 12.1.1 Features – What’s New

Here you will find iOS 12.1.1 features. Apple introduced its next major mobile operating system – iOS 12 at WWDC 2018 keynote. iOS 12 comes with tons of new features and some of them are the ones that had been on our wish-list for ages. Some of the prominent new iOS 12 features include Group notifications, Granular Do Not Disturb controls, Groups FaceTime, among others. iOS 12, once released, will be available free of cost for the compatible iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch devices. Performance and also seen huge improvements in iOS 12. iOS 12.1.1 is the latest version of iOS 12.

ios 12.1 features list

iOS 12.1.1 Features

Apple has released iOS 12.1.1 beta to the developers and public beta testers. Here’s the list of the new features of iOS 12.1.1:

  • Apple has made user interface improvements to FaceTime.
  • The update reintroduces the feature that allows iOS users to take a Live Photo during a FaceTime call.
  • Apple has reworked the bottom bar to include quick access buttons for flipping the camera and muting a call.
  • iOS 12.1.1 features also include an option is Apple News to hide the sidebar when using the app in landscape mode on an iPad.
  • The user can also disable the physical SIM to favor the eSIM in iOS 12.1.1.
  • Apple has also updated the Apple Watch app icon to make it look like Apple Watch Series 4.

iOS 12.1 features list

Apple is currently beta testing iOS 12.1 software update. Here we are going to list all the new features of iOS 12.1 firmware that has been found so far:

More Than 70 New Emoji

Apple has added 76 new Emoji characters to its 12.1 mobile operating system. If we count the skin variations, then there are a total of 146 new emojis. All of these Emoji characters are from Emoji 11.0 list that was released to vendors back in June 2018. One of these characters is the United Nations flag that was available even in Emoji 4.0 back in 2016 but Apple released it in iOS 12.1 now.

Apple has also updated the two phone emojis from the ones with a physical Home button to the ones with Face ID. Apple has also updated the bagel emoji during beta releases.

ios 12.1 new emojis

Group FaceTime Feature Comes to iOS 12.1

Back in June, at the time of unveiling iSO 12, Apple had promised to release Group FaceTime feature to iOS users at some point in the future. The feature is finally available to test. Group FaceTime is one of the major new iOS 12.1 features. It allows iPhone and iPad users to initiate an audio or video call with an up to 32 users (in total), in one group call. A user can initiate a FaceTime Group Call, answer from within Messages, or in the FaceTime app.

ios 12 facetime group call

iOS 12.1 Enables eSIM feature

Apple launched its new iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR with dual SIM functionality. One of these SIM is a physical one while the second is an eSIM. This means the 2018 iPhone owners will be able to use cellular plans from two different carriers at the same time. However, the eSIM feature was not enabled out of the box.

Apple has finally enabled the eSIM feature in iOS 12.1. Now is the good time to talk to your carrier to convert your cellular plan to the eSIM so you may take advantage of the two SIMs in an iPhone XS, XS Max, or the iPhone XR.

ios 12.1 features eSIM enabled

Real-time Depth Control

One of the best new iOS 12.1 features is the real-time depth control in Portrait mode. You can adjust the depth of Portrait mode photos before capturing them. Before iSO 12.1, you could adjust the background blur only after capturing the photo.

New Camera and Flashlight Sound on Lock Screen

When you access flashlight or Camera from the Lock Screen the accompanying sound has been improved. The sound is now more clicky and pronounce as compared to a very dull one in previous iOS versions.

‘Beautygate’ in Selfies is Gone

iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max were hit with a huge controversy over how the Camera app took selfies with the front-facing camera. The issue was dubbed as ‘Beautygate’ and it would smooth out the selfie details like it has added a beauty filter to the skin. The new Smart HDR was the culprit behind the ‘Beautigate’ as it was selecting a blurrier base image as the lead image when combining exposure. The company has fixed the issue in iOS 12.1.

beautygate ios 12.1 feature

Changes for Apple Watch

iOS 12.1 new features also include the ability given to Apple Watch owners to enable the speaker during a phone call using the touch just like it in iOS 11. Apple has also added a new color under “Face Gallery” in the Watch app.

Other improvements and fixes

  • Apple has also added the following minor changes and improvements to iOS 12.1:
  • improved cellular connectivity for iPhone XS, XS Max, and iPhone XR.
  • Use Face ID or Touch ID to change or reset the password of your child’s Screen Time
  • Fixes the issue of merging messages into one thread when two users were using the same Apple ID on multiple devices.
  • Fixes Screen Time bug that did not report usage of specific websites in the activity report.
  • Fixes the issue that would prevent removal or addition of a family member to Family Sharing.
  • Ability to disable power management feature.
  • Ability to inform users about Battery Health when it is unable to verify if the battery is genuine or not.
  • Reliability improvements to VoiceOver in Safari, Siri, and Camera

For more information, please visit:

New iOS 12.0.1 features

Apple has released iOS 12.0.1 download for compatible iOS devices. Being a point update, iOS 12.0.1 is not meant to bring any major new feature to iOS 12 devices, rather it fixes some of the bugs and issues that users were experiencing after installing iOS 12 software update. Here is What’s new in iOS 12.0.1 firmware update:

  • iOS 12.0.1 addresses the issue where some iPhone devices won’t start charging when connected to a Lightning cable.
  • Resolves the issues that forced iPhone devices to join the 2.4GHz WiFi network instead of the faster 5GHz.
  • The “.?123” on the iPad keyboard has been restored to its original position.
  • Fixes the issue with some video apps not able to show subtitles.
  • Fixes Bluetooth unavailability issue.
  • To learn more about iOS 12.0.1 features, please check out Apple’s official page:

List of New Features in iOS 12

List of ios 12 features

Here is a detailed rundown of all the new features of iOS 12:

iOS 12 will feel faster on older devices

Apple is working hard on the performance aspect of iOS 12 so that it the iPhones and iPad may feel faster and more responsive. The company is making iOS 12 available for all the devices that supported iOS 11, which also includes 2013 iPhone 5s. After tweaking the CPU performance burst, the company has managed to provide the right amount of CPU power at the right time on older devices. After such tweaks in iOS 12, the apps will launch 40% faster than the iOS 11, the keyboard will appear 50% faster, and the camera will launch 70% faster than the iOS 11.

Grouped Notifications

Notifications in iOS 12 have also seen an overhaul. The company has introduced something that we have wanted for a long time: grouped notifications! Starting with iOS 12, users can group notifications not just by apps, but by conversations, threads, and context as well. A simple tap on a group will show you all the notifications filed under that group. A single swipe will dismiss all the notification in a group.

Apple has paid special attention to the quality of notifications in iOS 12. You can choose to never show a notification on your lock screen or turn it off entirely. Even Siri will suggest you turn off notifications for the apps that you don’t even use.

ios 12 group notifications feature

Do Not Disturb During Bedtime

Apple has added some new features in iOS 12 that aim at helping you curb your smartphone usage. “Do Not Disturb During Bedtime” is one such feature which stops showing you the notifications when you are trying to sleep at night. It will no longer light up the screen when you get a notification. All you see is a dark lock screen when you tap to wake it up. In the morning, the notifications will still be there but hidden, a simple tap on the screen will bring them forward. You can choose when “Do Not Disturb During Bedtime” ends: whether you leave a specific location or after a pre-set amount of time.

do not disturb bedtime feature ios 12

Screen Time

The Screen Time feature of iOS 12 will gives you summary every week showing you how you used your iPhone over the week. The summary includes the total time spent on your device, which app you have been using and for how long, how often you picked up your iPhone and in what context, which apps are sending you the most notifications, and so on. All the details are synced across all your iOS devices.

ios 12 feature screen time

App Limits and Downtime

If you want to use an app less, iOS 12 offers app limits functionality. You can set how long you can use an app such as Facebook and iOS 12 will tell you as you’ve started to reach that set limit. You can grant an extension if you want, otherwise, the app is off limits for the rest of the day. Parents can use this feature to limit the iPhone and iPad usage by kids. They can choose apps, movies, and websites that are appropriate.

Downtime feature of iOS 12 will automatically lock your out of almost all apps on your iPhone or iPad if it is turned on. Only the essential app such as dialer will be available. This is a great way to get out of the habit of using addictive apps at night.

New and Improved Animoji

iOS 12 new features also include a set of new Animoji characters. Apple has added four new Animoji characters in iOS 12: Ghost, Koala, Tiger, and Trex. Animojis are now capable of detecting your tongue no matter which character you’re using. Animojis in iOS 12 also features wink detection.

new animoji in ios 12


Apple has introduced Bitmoji like feature called Memoji in iOS 12. The Memoji is basically a 3D version of you that can mimic your moves and expressions. Starting with iOS 12, the iPhone users will be able to create their own Animoji. The feature allows you to cheese from a diverse set of skin tones, eyes color, hair, and more to create an Animoji character that closely resembles the real you. It will only be available on iPhone X.

memoji ios 12 feature

FaceTime Group Calling

iOS features a huge upgrade for the FaceTime. Group calling feature comes to FaceTime with iOS 12. It allows you to add up to 32 people into a single FaceTime video call. The company has also integrated the video calling feature in the Messages app allowing you to switch to a group video chat from a group chat. All the participants appear in floating tiles and when someone speaks, their tiles becomes larger automatically. Double tapping someone’s tile in the call brings them front and center. FaceTime group calling also supports filters, stickers, and other effects.

ios 12 facetime group call

All New Measure App

With the new Measure app in iOS 12, you can measure the distance between two objects or lines along surfaces and more. Instead of using measuring tapes, you can simply use your iPhone to check the measurements of something.

Apple’s new Measure app lets you measure the distance between two objects, lines along surfaces and more. Instead of relying on measuring tape, for example, you can just use your phone to check the dimensions of something. We have seen similar apps from 3rd party developers, but this is the first time Apple is including one natively inside the iOS 12. The app relies on AR to function.

Augmented reality

Apple introduced Augmented Reality (AR) with iPhone X, iPhone 8, and iPhone 8 Plus last year. It allows its user to superimpose electronically generated objects on top of a real-time view of the real world. With iOS 12, Apple has introduced a new file format called “USDZ” that brings AR effects into other applications.  As a use-case, Apple imagines a shopping site for Fender, the guitar maker, where one could be out to shop for a new guitar and might want to see what it looks like in real life. Tap a button and the guitar magically appears rendered in front of you, as if it is physically sitting in your living room.

Apple also announces ARKit 2 which allows multiple users to interact with augmented reality simultaneously. It means two users will be able to play a game of chess on a coffee table from their own iPhone or iPad for controls.

augmented reality ios 12 feature

Siri Shortcuts

New features of iOS 12 also include a new “Shortcuts” app. Using this app, users can pre-define Siri queries and use them to automatically launch apps. For instance, you can say, “Help me relax,” and Siri can start playing music and dim the lights. Or you can tell Siti that you want to order groceries, and it can launch a grocery delivery app. Siri will learn from your daily routine, so if it learns that you always order coffee in the morning, it can suggest you order coffee ahead of the time. If you are getting late for the meeting, it can suggest you message the meeting organizer that you’re behind the schedule.

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