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iOS 9 bricks iPhones repaired with 3rd party Touch ID / Components [Error 53]

3rd-party repairs provide such repairs that you usually won’t notice the difference and are often way cheaper than getting services from official Apple Stores. But, with iOs 9 update, things seems to be changing. Apple’s iOS 9 software update is reportedly bricking devices that have gone through third-party repairs and some of the components have [...]

iphone 7 Concepts

New iPhone 7 concept shows an incredibly cool design

We often see some awesome pieces of conceptual designs for the future iPhone devices and most of them are impractical but still fanciful. This latest iPhone 7 concept is as unlikely as any other impractical future iPhone concepts, but the designer has made the concept an incredibly cool one by adding a 5-inch secondary display [...]


You can Upgrade your 16GB iPhone to 128GB for around $60

When you are going to buy an iPhone, you end up choosing from the three available storage capacities: the bare-bone 16GB model, and the models with more storage capacity such as 64GB and 128GB. The later two are probably the best options for you given the current capabilities of the video cameras and size of [...]


GeoHot is building a self-driving car to take on Tesla

George Hotz, better known as “Geohot“, is the father of carrier-unlocking iPhone which allowed users to use their iPhone with other unofficial carriers as well. He’s also one of the pioneers of early iPhone jailbreaking scene. After a long absence from iOS jailbreaking and unlocking scene, he appeared on the scene again but with a [...]

christmas walls

20 Christmas Wallpapers for iPhone 6s and iPhone 6

Christmas is upon us. The crazy shopping time is about to end and we are soon going to turn to the kitchen to bake some of our favorite goodies. It is the best time to give yourself a little bit of seasonal cheer by decorating your iPhone with Christmas themed iPhone wallpapers and backgrounds. Besides [...]

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Apple has been working on an in-house GPU for several years [Rumor]

Apple has been using its own A-branded processor chips inside all of its iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch devices since several years now. These A-branded chips have gained much attention as high-performing chipsets that power Apple’s smartphones and tablets. Along with these A-branded chips, another new chip could be getting some of the limelight soon, [...]

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Apple releases tvOS 9.1 for Apple TV 4

In addition to releasing iOS 9.2 for iPhone, iPad, and the iPod Touch devices, Apple has also released tvOS 9.1 software update for the new Apple TV 4. This is the first major update released after a minor software update: tvOS 9.0.1, which was pushed in November.

iphone 7 Concepts

Japan Display negotiating to provide OLED displays for iPhone 8 [Report]

According to Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun, a Japanese website, Japan Display plans to begin manufacturing OLED displays for future iPhone models on massive scale in Spring 2018. In case you’re not familiar, Japan Display is one of Apple’s supply chain partners responsible for providing display panels for the iPhones.