ios 9

iOS 9 will use Apple Watch ‘San Francisco’ font

Apple is reportedly going to refresh the font on iOS, which can be seen on any iPhone, iPad or the iPod Touch, with the launch of next major software update: iOS 9. If the report turns out to be true, Apple will be doing the same with its next update of its desktop operating system: [...]

paper ios icon

Paper by FiftyThree adds Think Kit allowing you to create diagrams and more

Paper app, by the developer FiftyThree, has so far been promoted as a creative drawing app, but now the company thinks that the app might have appeal for business presentations as well. Paper has been updated with a new set of drawing tools collectively called Think Kit giving application a more business-like touch.

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How to report iMessage as Junk on iPhone or iPad

With iOS 8.3 or later, you can now report iMessage as junk or spam on iPhone or iPad with only a few steps. While you’ve always been able to report spam iMessages by sending Apple an email with the screenshot of spam message, the phone number or email ID of the sender, and the date and [...]

ios 9

iOS 9 to bring Visual Improvements to Siri

So far, all we heard about iOS 9 is that Apple’s upcoming major mobile software update will bring speed, stability and bug fixes to the existing huge list of features that Apple adding over the year. However, 9to5mac sources claim iOS 9 to bring visual improvements to Siri – Apple’s personal digital assistant.

accessibility ios

How to lock iPhone or iPad to a Specific App Using Guided Access

Guided Access is an Accessibility feature that helps you stay focused on a task and locks the iPhone or iPad to a single app. When the Guided Access feature is enabled, user will only be able to access that one specific app without having any option to go back to home screen, close that app, [...]

ipad mini 3

‘iPad Pro’ to include Force Touch, USB-C port, NFC, Stylus and more

A new report from AppleInsider claims that Apple is indeed working on a 120-inch larger sized iPad or the “iPad Pro.” From a source familiar with Apple’s future Product plans, Apple Insider has learned that the 12.9-inch iPad Pro will support Force Touch, a USB-C connector, and a Bluetooth stylus accessory.

iPad air vs iPad mini 2

Leaked iPad Pro Cases Hints at Stereo Speakers and Dual Connection Ports

A pair cases allegedly belonging to the rumored iPad Pro has been leaked into the wild ahead of device’s rumored launch this Fall. The leaked cases highlight the size and also hints at numerous new features of the rumored iPad Pro. If these leaked cases turn out to be true, Apple’s upcoming tablet will have [...]

workflow ios

Workflow for iOS Adds support for Apple Watch with 200+ automated actions

Workflow, an iOS app that automates many tasks on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, was released back in December 2014 taking advantage of the possibilities allowed by iOS 8. Now the popular iOS automation app announced on Tuesday that its latest update adds support for Apple Watch and comes loaded with 200+ automated actions to [...]

swiftkey ios

SwiftKey Keyboard for iOS getting new Themes

With iOS 8, Apple allowed 3rd-party keyboard developers to release their iOS keyboard alternate into the app store. Swiftkey was one of the first 3rd-party iOS keyboard and became one of the most popular keyboard choices available in the app store.

ios 8.3

iOS 8.3 fixes a vulnerability used by TaiG Jailbreak Team

Apple has released iOS 8.3 software update for iPhone iPad and iPod Touch, which not only included over 300 Emoji characters with new Keyboard to show these characters, the update also brought CarPlay wireless and a long list of bug fixes and performance improvements. Alongside the release, Apple also published a knowledge base document provifing [...]

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Microsoft unveils $499 Surface 3 to take on iPad Air 2

Microsoft announced the Surface 3 – a lighter and cheaper counterpart of its Surface pro 3 on Tuesday. Unlike other non-pro Surface variants, this one will be running full blown version of Windows 8.1 not a trimmed down one. Starting at $499 price point, Microsoft has put the device squarely in competition with Apple’s iPad [...]