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Downgrade iOS 4 to OS 3.1.3/3.1.2 (iPhone, iPod Touch)

In this Guide you’ll learn how to downgrade iOS 4 firmware to OS 3.1.3 / 3.1.2 or older firmware with TinyUmbrella. This downgrade guide applies to all iPhone and iPod Touches. To downgrade iOS 4 to OS3.1.3 / 3.1.2, there’s no need to edit any Hosts file that is required in other guides found all […]

Unlock iPhone Baseband 05.12.01 with UltraSn0w 0.93

Dev-Team has finally released the long awaited unlock for iPhone baseband 05.12.01 OS 3.1.3 for iPhone 3GS and iPhone 3G in form of UltraSn0w 0.93. Using UltraSn0w 0.93 unlock users can unlock iPhone 05.12.01 baseband. Indeed a great news for all iPhone 3GS and iPhone 3G users with Baseband 05.12.01 running iPhone OS 3.1.3. Step-by-step […]

Spirit Untethered Jailbreak for iPad 3.2, iPhone 3.1.3 and iPod Touch Coming Soon

*Spirit Jailbreak is Out now. Check the Update below.* Spirit is the most anticipated untethered jailbreak for all models of iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Comex, the developer behind Spirit jailbreak has confirmed, in a response to a query regarding Spirit jailbreak release date via twitter, that Spirit untethered jailbreak for iPad, iPhone and iPod […]

GeoHot’s LimeRa1n to Jailbreak iPhone OS 4.0, 3.1.3, iPad 3.2?

From a tweet by iH8Sn0w it’s clear that the father of iPhone unlock GeoHot (George Hotz) owns a website named LimeRa1n.com. GeoHot himself has not said anything about the new domain but looking at the whois listing, the domain (LimeRa1n) is owned by George Hotz. Screenshot of Whois record for both Blackra1n.com and limeRa1n.com after […]

iH8Sn0w Releases AutoSHSH to Grab SHSH blobs for 3.1.3 and iPad 3.2

iH8Sn0w, the man behind Sn0wBreeze jailbreak, f0rcast tool to know your device, and iREB has come up with another handy utility named AutoSHSH. During the last week we wrote a guide on how to save SHSH on file for iPhone 3.1.3 that process involved many steps to get your hand onto your 3.1.3 SHSH. AutoSHSH […]

Userland Untethered Jailbreak for iPhone 3.1.3 [Video]

*Spirit Jailbreak is Out now. Check the Update below.* Comex has uploaded a video on YouTube demonstrating an untethered jailbreak for iPhone 3.1.3. The iPod Touch 3G jailbreak video meets all the guidelines of a good jailbreak video as set by the MuscleNerd. (video posted below)

BlackSn0w RC2 Final: iPhone 3.1.3 05.11.07 Unlock in Cydia Now!

BlackSn0w RC2 final version to unlock iPhone 3.1.3 Baseband 05.11.07 is now available in the Cydia. BlackSn0w RC2 Final fixes WiFi and Boot loop issue. Blacksn0w RC2 is based on original BlackSn0w and the fix recently released by MSFTGuy to unlock Baseband 05.11.07 on iPhone OS 3.1.3. BlackSn0w RC2 is not released by GeoHot. The […]

Untethered Jailbreak for iPhone 3.1.3/4.0 and iPad [Video]

GeoHot has done it again.. In his new blog post “Untethered Jailbreak“, GeoHot has demonstrated an untethered jailbreak for iPhone 3.1.3 and iPod Touch 3.1.3. The solution provides untethered jailbreak for 3GS, 3G, 2G, iPod Touch 3G, iPod Touch 2G, 1G. GeoHot says that users may also be able to jailbreak iPad OS 3.2 with […]

Unlock iPhone 3.1.3 Baseband 05.11.07 with BlackSn0w

If you’ve updated your iPhone to OS 3.1.3 using custom firmware created with PwnageTool or Sn0wbreeze, you would probably know that even after preserving Baseband at 05.11.07 it’s not unlockable with BlackSn0w. BlackSn0w which is meant to unlock iPhone Baseband 05.11.07 (true for OS 3.1.2) but it cannot unlock iPhone 3GS and 3G on baseband […]

iPhone OS 3.1.3 Update Now Free for iPod Touch Users?

It’s a good news for iPod Touch users that Apple has eliminated the price tag and has started offering iPhone OS 3.1.3 firmware update to older iPod Touch users for FREE! Tracy Erickson of PocketGamer reports: “Syncing a second generation iPod touch today with an older version of the software prompted me to accept the […]

AppSync MobileInstallation Patch for Jailbroken iPhone 3.1.3

With the release of new iPhone firmware, all the jailbreak community looks forward to the updates for jailbreak & unlock tools. Once jailbroken, the most popular thing in jailbreak community is to install MobileInstallation patch so that they may install cracked apps and games on iPhone/iPod Touch. Now that iPhone firmware 3.1.3 is out and […]