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‘GMT bug’ in iOS 8 shows incorrect timezone for Calendar events

Since the release of iOS 8, Apple has to face a lot of criticism due to numerous bugs being problematic for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users. While company is quick at responding to customer complaints especially the ones affecting a lot number of users, still new bug reports are surfacing every now and then.Apple has had to deal with a lot of criticism over the increasing number of bugs in iOS 8, and while the company delivers fixes in updates, new bug reports don’t appear to stop.

There are about 600 responses to a thread posted on Apple’s support forum, for a problem related to Apple’s handling of time zone in Calendar events that are synced across servers like Microsoft Exchange, Google or others.
Users are reporting that their newly added events into the Calendar app are shown with GMT time, not their local time.While the user has entered everything correctly, if they edit an event without realizing the difference in their time zone with GMT, it causes problems for users leading to missed appointments due to incorrect times.

This events time related bug is also being called the “GMT bug” because the most common time of servers is GMT. Users started encountering issues related to calendar events time with iOS 8, and Apple is yet to fix this problem.

Interesting thing to note here is that the problem occurs only when the user is using stock Calendar app that comes with iOS 8 or later. Third-party apps like Fantastical or Sunrise have no such issues related to events time.

Initially Apple denied the issues, but later it acknowledged that there is such bug in iOS 8, so a fix can be expected to hit masses either in the rumored iOS 8.1.3 update, or iOS 8.2 which is still in beta

Did you encounter any time related issue with your appoints that you set in your Calendar app?

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