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iOS 8

iOS 8, codenamed Okemo, is Apple’s upcoming major installment to its mobile operating system for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch currently in development. iOS 8 is expected to be unveiled at WWDC 2014 on June 2 with an expected release date of or around September 17, 2014. Just like any other major iOS release, Apple will be releasing its major firmware update i.e. iOS 8 to masses after a cycle of a year. iOS 5 was the only exception to this Apple’s tradition, which came out about 16 months after the release of iOS 4.

Some major feature rumored to be introduce in iOS 8 includes all-new Healthbook app, Apple’s own TextEdit and Preview apps found in OS X, API for Siri, separate iTunes app, and Shazam integration,as well as massive improvements to maps, CarPlay, Notification Center, Photo Stream, and Messages. Inter-app communication feature is also rumored to make its way into the IOS 8. Last major firmware release i.e. iOS 7, came with a completely overhauled user interface of iOS, and iOS 8 is expected to further refine it, in areas such as looks, animation, interaction and core functionality.

iOS 8 Healthbook

In previous iOS releases, education and power efficiency were the focus of Apple, among other things. In iOS 8, health seems to getting much of their attention. Healthbook will be first step towards wellbeing in iOS 8. Healthbook is expected to allow users to manage their health related information such as steps takes, calories burned, blood sugar and heart rate. The app will act like a central hub, connected and relying on other apps to collect data making it easily and rapidly accessible.

iOS 8 revamped maps, transit and augmented reality

With the release of iOS 6, Apple removed Google Maps application as a stock app from iOS and replaced it with their own in-house mapping solution with data licensed from TomTom or other. But the application, data and lot of other things were not well integrated, resulting in a big disappointment. iOS 8 is expected to fix a lot of issues with more clean, better and accurate backend data.

Some of the map apps features, such as public transit directions, are expected to make a come back in iOS 8.Transit will provide directions for buses, trains, and subways/metros. Augmented reality feature introducing a information layer on top of nearby location may also be introduced in iOS 8.

iOS 8 iTunes Radio app

Just like Apple has separated the Videos, Podcasts and iTunes U from the iPod/Music application, iTunes Radio may also get its own standalone app in iOS 8. A separate iTunes Radio app could help iTunes Radio get more attention. The service is currently only available in the U.S. and Canada, international expansion is expected in the coming months.

iOS 8 Photo Stream

Photo Stream allows you to keep up to 1000 of your photos on Apple’s iCloud servers for up to 30 days, allowing you to push all those images to all of your apple devices, especially Macs. Photo Stream remains a marginal service with marginal use cases, to date.

With iOS 8 there’s chance Apple could make Photo Stream a real photo backup service, keeping all your data backup and synced on the cloud. Such service will allow users to backup their photos in the cloud and make more local storage available for the user’s other personal files.

iOS 8 Shazam integration

Shazam provides al possible details about a song and help you find it, all you need to do is tap a button and let it listen to that music. Apple is rumored to be working on Shazam like functionality for iOS 8 built right into Siri. If this turns out to be true, expect Siri commands like “What song is this?” in the next version of iOS.

iOS 8 is also expected to bring two more OS X apps TextEdit and Preview to iPhone and iPad. A more streamlined Notification Center experience is also expected in iOS 8. Apple is al set to unveil its latest and greater mobile operating system at WWDC 2014 on June 2nd. We’ll cover each and every bit of information related to iOS 8 on this page.

We’ll be constantly updating this page with any information related to iOS 8, so bookmark it and to stay up to date, come back often!

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