Apple Pay users facing "Could not add card" error after restoring iPhone 6

Apple Pay users facing “Could not add card” error after restoring iPhone 6

Apple Pay is a very convenient and seamless service of car-free payments – until you restore your iPhone 6 or 6 Plus after adding a card into Apple Pay. There are numerous threads appearing in Apple Support Communities reporting about an error that won’t allow users to add cards back into Apple Pay after restoring their iPhone. The iPhone 6 owners are encountering “Could not add card” error after restoring whether as a new phone or from a backup.

After restore, whenever users try to reload their cards into Apple Pay, they are presenter with an error message that reads: “Could not Add Card. Please try again later or contact the card issuer for more information.” Users have reportedly tried even downgrading their devices to an older firmware without any luck. However, Apple has been able to resolve the problem only by replacing the phone, as per reports.
could not add card apple pay
Fortunately, many iPhone owners, experiencing the issue, took their phone to the Apple retail store where they were offered a replacement. Some say they were given a brand new iPhone in retail packaging, while others state that they were given a refurbished one.

Apple is reportedly aware of the issue and is currently investigating into it. Hopefully it’s a bug related to the OS, it may turn out to be a real pain for users and a bit negative publicity for a service that the company is working on to expand it to gas pumps, parking tickets, UK banks, and more.

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