iPhone 6 release date, specs, features, news and rumors

iPhone 6

iPhone 6, internally referred to as ‘iPhone 7,1’, is the assumed name for Apple’s upcoming next generation iPhone. It will be 8th generation of Apple’s iPhone line up. Considering Apple’s naming convention, what follows 5 or 5s is the number 6. So, the next generation iPhone is widely expected to be called an iPhone 6.

All the information available in this article is based on speculations and rumors that we’ve been hearing for last many a months.

iPhone 6 release date

If Apple follows her past, the iPhone 6 will most probably be introduced on or around September 9, 2014, with an expected release date of September 19, 2014. If we see the past patterns, there are cases where Apple has shown inconsistency with the product launch cycle. Apple has never released an iPhone less than 12 months after the release of previous model, but there was a gap of about 16 months between the launch of iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. Opposite to that, iPad 4 was launched just 6 months after the availability of iPad 3.

iPhone 6 Screen Size

Apple is widely rumor to launch iPhone 6 with larger screen. iPhone 2G/3G/3GS has 3.5-inch display with standard pixel density. Screen resolution got doubled in iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S with gorgeous 960×640 pixels Retina display. iPhone 5 then saw an increase in screen size to 4-inches diagonally with 1136×640 pixels resolution and double-density. So, Apple has introduced steady improvements to the screen size and resolution of the iPhone, and if Apple sticks to it, iPhone 6 should also see similar bump in screen size and resolution.

Apple is rumored to launch iPhone 6 in two different screen size models: 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch. The 4.7-inch model could feature a 1704×960 resolution.

iPhone 6 Specs

Every iPhone that Apple announced since the release of iPhone 4 came with a new chipset. If the pattern continues, the iPhone 6 should come with Apple A8 chipset with 64-bit instruction set. The M7 motion coprocessor could also see a bump to M8. Other rumored iPhone 6 specs include 1GB of RAM, an improved 8MP camera with optical image stabilization (OIS), NFC chip for payments, and more. iPhone 6 could also be a part of Apple’s next category of focus i.e. health.

When launched, iPhone 6 will most probably be running iOS 8. We’ll keep this page up to date with all the information related to iPhone 6. Bookmark it and revisit often.

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