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Download Google Maps App for iPhone

Finally, the official Google Maps app for iPhone has been released. Google Maps app for iPhone is now available for download in the app store. The application comes after a few months of its removal as a built-in app from iOS. iOS 6 was the first version of iOS to not include a Maps app […]

Gmail 2.0 for iOS: Redesigned, Multiple Accounts and More!

Gmail 2.0 for iOS is now available for download. Google has just released Gmail 2.0, a major update to its Gmail app for iOS bringing cleaner redesigned interface, multiple account support, search predictions, infinite scrolling, Google+ support, and more.

Google Voice Now Supports iPhone 5 and iOS 6

Google Voice app has been updated with iOS 6 and iPhone 5 support. A great news for all Google Voice users that Google has finally updated its Gggogle Voice iOS client to support iOS 6 and the new 4-inch iPhone 5 display and iPod Touch 5G.

Sync Google Contacts with iOS Using CardDAV (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)

Microsoft Exchange Active sync is known to be used to sync iPhone contacts with Google, reflecting the changes across all devices. Google has now announced CardDAV feature to seamlessly sync Google Contacts with your iPhone, iPad and iOS Devices. In this guide you’ll learn how to sync Google Contacts with iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch using […]

Google Maps Ported to iOS 6 [Video]

Ryan Petrich, a popular jailbreak apps developer has confirmed that he has successfully ported Google Maps, the iOS 5.x version, to iOS 6. He has shared a video demonstrating Google Maps on iOS 6…

Google Acquires Snapseed, the Instagram Competitor

Google has been going after the popular iOS apps for acquisition lately. In their latest move, Google has acquired Snapseed, a popular iOS photography app. Nik Software, the creators of the Snapseed iOS app, have announced their acquisition by Google.

Google Acquires Sparrow – a Popular Email Client for iOS and Mac

Google has acquired Sparrow, a star 3rd party email application for iOS and Mac OS. Sparrow CEO Dom Leca announced the acquisition with a blog post. According to him, the company’s team will be integrated within the Google Gmail team which will help his team to accomplish a bigger vision…

How to Make Chrome Default Browser on Your iPhone and iPad

Google Chrome for iPhone and iPad is now available in the appstore for free. Apple won’t allow you to make Chrome your default browser on iPhone and iPad but don’t worry, jailbreak community is there to help you make Chrome your default iOS browser. Hit the jump to learn how to make Chrome default browser […]

Google Drive for iPhone, iPad Out Now! [Download]

Google Drive app for iPhone and iPad is now official available in the appstore. Google has released Google Drive for iOS into the appstore. You can download Google Drive for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch from the appstore for free…

Google Chrome for iPhone, iPad Available Now! [Download]

Google Chrome is now officially available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Google has released its Chrome web browser for iOS into the App Store. You can download Chrome browser from the app store for free. You can find the download link after the jump…

Download Gmail App for iPhone, iPad

Google’s Gmail app for iPhone and iPad is now available in the App Store again. Google had pulled the Gmail app less than an hour after it was released due to broken notifications. You can download Gmail for iOS from below…

Google reportedly Launching Native Gmail app for iPhone?

Looking for a good, native, Gmail app for iPhone? You might not have to wait much longer because MG Siegler reports that Google is “on the verge” of launching a native Gmail client for the iPhone through the App Store and have likely already submitted it to Apple for review.

Google+ App for iPhone Available for Download

Apple has finally approved the highly anticipated Google+ iPhone app which is now available for download in the App Store. Android folks has already been enjoying Google+ app from day one but the iOS Google+ app was in review until now.

iChromy – Chrome Style Web Browser for iPad

iChromy is a new Google Chrome style web browser for iPad. If you’re a Google’s Chrome web browser user on your Mac or PC, you gonna love iChromy on your iPad which offers an identical browsing experience on your iPad, with a polished user interface and some rather nice features.

Google Instant Previews Comes to iOS

Google has launched the Instant Previews for iOS 4.0+ and Android 2.2+ mobile devices. Google Instant Previews lets users preview a website from Google search results before making the decision to click on a link.