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Google Docs Desktop Editor Now Available on iPad

Google has announced that their Google Docs desktop editor is now available on the iPad. If you want to make more style edits like changing a font, or center aligning a paragraph on iPad, you should be using desktop version of the Google Docs.

Google Voice for iPad and iPod touch is Now Available for Download!

Google has updated its Google Voice app with iPad and iPod Touch support. In a blog post today, Google announced the Google Voice support for iPad and iPod touch. The ability to use the application on both the iPad and iPod touch to send and receive free text messages and Click2Call are the two most […]

Google Goggles Now Available for iPhone

Google Goggles has finally come to the iPhone as a feature in Google Mobile search App. It took Google nearly a year to put Googles into its mobile search app for iPhone. Android users have been enjoying Google Goggles since December last year.

Google’s Free Turn-by-Turn Navigation App Coming to iPhone

In a London press conference, Google confirmed that it plans to bring its free turn-by-turn Google Maps Navigation to the iPhone along with other mobile platforms. Android users are already enjoying the Google’s free turn-by-turn satellite navigation on their phones.

No More Google Branding in iPhone OS 4.0 Safari Search

Intensified relations between Apple and Google gave more credibility to the rumor that Bing is going to replace Google as a default search engine in mobile Safari on iPhone. Here comes a new evidence found in the iPhone OS 4.0 where Apple has replaced the “Google” branding from the Safari Search keyboard and replaced it […]

Google Acquires reMail iPhone App

Google has acquired the reMail iPhone app and the developer is joining the Google after discontinuing the iPhone app. “I’m thrilled to announce that Google has acquired reMail! I will be joining Google in Mountain View as a Product Manager on the Gmail team.” reMail is an application on your phone. reMail downloads email directly […]

Google Voice Out for iPhone Via an HTML5 WebApp

Google has released its Google Voice app for iPhone and also bypassed the Apple AppStore restriction by releasing it as an HTML5 WebApp. Using Google Voice, you can make cheap long-distance calls, forward calls from a one phone number to multiple phones, among other things. According to TechCrunch, “The new Google Voice mobile site shows […]

Google AdSense Enhanced for iPhone Publishers

Google has announced that AdSense mobile publishers can now display text and image ads to smart phones like Apple iPhone. Today, we’re excited to announce a new feature for our AdSense mobile publishers that enables them to serve text and image ads on their sites — specifically on these high-end smartphones. This helps mobile publishers […]

Google Voice Coming as a Fully Functional WebApp

New York Times reported that Google is preparing to release its Google Voice as a fully functional WebApp . Google says it is readying a replacement for the Google Voice app that will offer exactly the same features as the rejected app—except that it will take the form of a specialized, iPhone-shaped Web page. For […]