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Google reportedly Launching Native Gmail app for iPhone?

Looking for a good, native, Gmail app for iPhone? You might not have to wait much longer because MG Siegler reports that Google is “on the verge” of launching a native Gmail client for the iPhone through the App Store and have likely already submitted it to Apple for review.

Gmail users have long complained over the lack of push notifications for the iPhone. Although Google has a nicely optimized Gmail version for the iPhone and iPhone’s built-in also supports Gmail, however, both of these lacks push feature (in the, emails are fetched every 15, 30 or 60 minutes). This, upcoming native Gmail app for iPhone is said to bring Push notifications. According to Siegler, the application will likely also bring Priority Inbox and one click starring.

The native Gmail app will likely bring other key functionality as well: like Priority Inbox and one-click starring of messages. Other possibilities include some of the stuff Google is about to roll out for Gmail proper: like contact icons, better threading, and deep searching functionality. Maybe there will even be some Google+ integration, which Google is also hard at work on for Gmail.

Don’t get excited, nobody says that this native Gmail app has been approved or will be approved by Apple. To date, Apple have rejected alternative email apps that would compete against the native Mail app.

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