iPhone 8 almost Confirmed to get Long Range Wireless Charging

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Apple’s upcoming iPhone 8 is widely expected to introduce long range wireless charging and such rumors still continue to make rounds. Now a report from Chinese Commercial Times suggests that Apple has entered an agreement with a Taiwanese supplier for a specific wireless charging related component.

Apple to launch 5-inch iPhone with Dual-Camera System in 2017 [Rumor]

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The latest rumor related to the 2017 revision of the iPhone hints that Apple will be launching a 5-inch iPhone variant with a dual-camera lens setup similar to the one Apple introduced with the iPhone 7 Plus. While the current iPhone 7 Plus has a horizontally arranged dual-camera setup, the smaller variant will have it [...]

Apple in talks with Sharp for OLED displays in iPhone 8 [Report]

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Over the past few months, it has been reported over and over that Apple is considering OLED display for its 2017 iPhone models (iPhone 8?). Now the fruit company is said to be in talks with SHARP to secure OLED display supplies for 2017 iPhone. The terms are said to be dependent on Sharp’s production [...]