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iPhone 6 gets week long battery life with Hydrogen Battery Tech

A British firm, Intelligent Energy, has integrated its newly developed hydrogen battery technology into an iPhone 6 which allows the devices to run for a whole week without putting it on the charge during the week. The demonstrated hydrogen battery technology fits seamlessly inside the iPhone 6 chassis.

iphone 6 teardown

The company won’t directly confirmed if it’s working with Apple to develop the fuel cell infrastructure for its devices, but reporters claim to have glimpsed prototype MacBook Air and iPhone devices.

The iPhone 6 prototype with an integrated hydrogen battery technology looks just like a normal iPhone 6 with a minor cosmetic difference of additional small vents on the back of the device for discharging water vapor. But this small change adds huge battery life difference to the modified iPhone 6 by increasing it to One full week on a single charge.

fuel cell

how a fuel cell works

Using this new technology, the electricity is created by combining Oxygen and Hydrogen. hydrogen fuel cells power the device which are refueled via the headphone jack and it doesn’t replace the existing lithium-ion battery, only supplements it. Intelligent Energy claims the prototype to be the first iPhone to have a built-in fuel cell system.

The chief executive of Intelligent Energy, Henri Winand, declined to comment if the company is working closely with Apple, potentially to bring the technology to its future products. Apple, when asked, also refused to comment on the matter, according to The Telegraph.


The Upp. The detachable cartridge is just visible at the back

The cost of using these hydrogen cartridges is not yet clear, but the company executives expect that it could be as cheap as latte and still create a market worth £300 billion ($472.6 billion) a year.

If the technology makes its wy onto future Apple or any other devices, it will indeed deliver the long-awaited battery life breakthroughs throughout the tech world.

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