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You can Upgrade your 16GB iPhone to 128GB for around $60

When you are going to buy an iPhone, you end up choosing from the three available storage capacities: the bare-bone 16GB model, and the models with more storage capacity such as 64GB and 128GB. The later two are probably the best options for you given the current capabilities of the video cameras and size of the latest iOS apps and games. However, getting a model with larger capacity does cost you more; $100 more for moving up to 64GB from 16GB and a staggering $200 for moving up to 128GB from 16GB. If paying that much to get more storage capacity is going to be too much for you, then you’ll be happy to learn that there is a cheaper alternative but for that, you must be visiting Shenzhen, China.

iphone 6 16gb 128gb

In the Shenzhen market of the China, there is this particular company reported by BeSound, which makes it possible to get your iPhone’s internal memory upgraded, at a very cheaper price as compared to Apple’s official pricing. For those who have an out of warranty iPhone 6, or do not mind voiding their warranty, the Chinese company can upgrade your 16GB iPhone 6 internal storage all the way up to 128GB, just for around $60. An upgrade to 32GB internal storage costs only $20, and you can also go up to 64GB for $35.

The internal storage upgrade process involves disassembly of the iPhone 6 to replace the installed flash storage chip with a new flash chip manufactured by Toshiba with more capacity. All the information stored on the old flash chip is also transferred to the new storage chip. The iOS is then reinstalled, once done, your device will be rocking a larger storage capacity than before. The whole upgrade process takes around 30 minutes to complete.

The upgrade options are currently limited to the iPhone 6, iPad Air, and some older devices. The guy in the video also reveals that around 50 storage upgrades are being done every single day at the Shenzhen location.

We do not recommend installing a 3rd party storage solution in your iPhone device. However, if you do not mind voiding your warranty or your device is already out of warranty, and you can make it to the Shenzhen market, it’s indeed a way cheaper and quicker option to get more storage available in your iPhone devices.

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