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iPhone 4G Launching on June 18th?

Folks at BGR thinks that the next-gen iPhone will go on sale on Friday, June 18th 2010 in US market. Their prediction is based on the confirmations received from multiple AT&T store reps that their sales quotas for the month of June are ridiculously high. Yes, this means the iPhone 4G (aka iPhone HD) is […]

White iPhone 4G/HD Back Panel Gets Leaked [New Images]

The PowerbookMedic publishes new photos of the White iPhone 4G/HD Back Panel. PowerbookMedic claims that they got it from one of its parts suppliers. I cannot believe that we have come to a point where all these iPhone 4G leaks are not even a big deal to us anymore. Images after the jump…

iPhone 4G Screen Resolution Confirmed at 960×640

SuperPhone.cz reports that the iPhone 4G display resolution has been confirmed to be 960×640. The parts of next-gen iPhone has been floating around for a while now and the site has claimed to get their hand onto the iPhone 4G screen and did its microscopic analysis.

iPhone 4G Prototype Running iPhone OS 4?

Yesterday, we reported on the second iPhone 4G prototype found, reviewed, and dissected by a Vietnamese forum. At that time the prototype was running a debug OS. Today the same taoviet forum has come up with another photo of iPhone 4G running iPhone OS 4.0 with that steamy wallpaper that came with OS 4.0.

Apple Lost Another iPhone 4G Prototype – New Photos, Teardown, Video

Apple’s Next-Gen iPhone 4G is being considered the biggest leak in the history of Apple when Gizmodo got their hands on to an iPhone 4G prototype last month and reviewed it. It seems like the company well known for its secrecy for upcoming products has lost control over iPhone 4G prototypes and losing it right […]

iPhone 4G/HD Teardown

Before returning the lost iPhone 4G prototype back to apple, Gizmodo Teardown the iPhone 4G and have taken several pictures of iPhone 4G interior.

Apple Wants iPhone 4G Prototype Back [Official]

To all those still doubtful about the authenticity of the leaked iPhone 4G prototype, here’s a letter from Apple to Gizmodo demanding the device back.  Gizmodo had asked apple to claim the iPhone 4G/HD on record if they want to get the device back. Letter after the jump…

iPhone 4G Prototype Images Leaked? [Updated]

Engadget has published some images of what might be an iPhone 4G aka iPhone HD prototype found on the floor of a San Jose bar inside an iPhone 3G case. The person who found this rumored prototype of iPhone HD is looking to sell it, according to engadget. The only information available at this time […]

Rumored iPhone 4G Aluminum Back Cover Photos

Macrumors received a few images claiming to be iPhone 4G/HD aluminum back cover. The rumored iPhone 4G Aluminum back cover is inspired from Apple rear shell design. The site doubts the authenticity of these photos because Metadata included with the images indicates that they have passed through Photoshop CS4. Photos after the jump…

iPhone HD Display Leaked?

Last week, we shared a video showing the claimed iPhone 4G display. Here comes another video which also shows the supposed LCD of the iPhone 4G aka iPhone HD. In this iPhone 4G video, the LCD has been separated from its frame and the two components are shown side by side with the iPhone 3G’s […]